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Consumer Charter for Solid Waste Services - English
Verbruikershandves vir Vaste Afvaldienste - Afrikaans
Consumer Charter for Solid Waste Services - Xhosa
Waste Removal Schedule

Solid Waste Management section is responsible for the following services:

  • Refuse collection services
  • Waste minimization
  • Solid waste treatment and disposal
  • Management of solid waste facilities
  • Street sweeping
  • Area cleaning




                                            “Be a hero, waste zero”


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Wellington Ward2

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                       "STEIN" THE WASTE DRAGON

In May 2007, Drakenstein Municipality launched it’s first Waste week. This initiative was implemented to address one of the action plans referred to in the Integrated Waste Management Plan (IWMP), which was adopted by Council in December 2006.

A mascot in the form of a dragon was found to be most suitable when one translates dragon to “drakie” in Afrikaans. The design was done by Jacques and Anel Blignaut (ABEC) and representatives of the Waste Services section of the Municipality.

This would be symbolic of a waste dragon focussing on waste minimisation and anti-litter campaigns in Drakenstein Municipality. It is meant to be associated with raising awareness wrt sustainable waste management.

The name “Stein”, was suggested by Rodney Leak (former CEO of The Fairest Cape Association) and approved by Sonia Frans and Dawid Malan (Waste Services – Drakenstein Municipality). This was inspired by the last syllable of Drakenstein Municipality.

The compilation of the name is thus:

Drakenstein : drak = dragon (drakie)

stein = “Stein” the waste dragon

During the waste week in 2007 and 2008, “Stein” would find it’s way to participating schools to spread the message of the 3 R’s.




Stein has now become synonymous with the waste management of Drakenstein Municipality and can be seen on refuse removal trucks, posters, flyers etc. It was also an integrated part of the environ-mental exhibition at the Festival of lights in December 2010 where Stein was officially launched by the honourable Mayor of Drakenstein: Executive Councillor Charmaine Manuel.





Consumer Charter for Solid Waste Services October 2013 Finale

 Verbruikershandves vir Vaste
Afvaldienste Oktober 2013

Consumer Charter for Solid Waste
Services (Xhosa) May 2014

Drakenstein Geintegreerde Afvalbestuursverordening
Finale Konsep

Drakenstein Integrated Waste Management By-law - Final Draft


Waste pamphlet 3R's

 Waste pamphlet household  

 Waste pamphlet school  

 Waste pamphlet small business  

 Anatomy of a landfill  


Press Releases

Press Release 17 Mrch 2011
Now recycling is easy with door
-to-door collection.
Free weekly door-to-door collection of recyclable waste by the
Drakenstein Municipality
starts from 22 March in
Wellington, Ward 2.