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Introductory Information
Video - Mapo Resource Recovery Plant - Korea WTE video
Audio - Dave Pepler RSG radio on Waste to Energy
Relevant Articles
Waste to Energy information leaflet (January 2015)
Meeting with Wellington Agricultural Component 7 Sept 2015
Waste to Energy Final Scoping Report
Final Scoping Report (July 2015)
Draft Scoping report (October 2014)
Drakenstein appointment letter
Council decision - Section 78(4) (23 April 2014)
Final Consolidated Report on Comments Received (19 March 2014)
Drakenstein Waste to Energy Draft Feasibility Study Report (FSR) (July 2013)
Treasury Views and Recommendations (TVR1) letter (27 March 2013)
Drakenstein WTE Project – Section 78-1 Assessment Report Draft (June 2012)
Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) (30 May 2012)
National Treasury approval (21 October 2011)
Bid Adjudication Committee appointment (02 March 2011)
Request for Proposals (RFP) (November 2008)
Draft Environmental Impact Report
Waste Recovery, Beneficiation and Energy Project 


Media Press Releases

Drakenstein Municipality respects our community members and any concerns they may have. However, advanced technology is proposed for the Waste-to-Energy project and each WTE facility is built to specific standards taking into account the surrounding environment, the waste types and the climate of the region thus information not taking these factors into account does not present an accurate or fair picture of the proposed facility.

Residents must please note that the environmental impact assessment is still in process and a final assessment of the viability of the project is still to be made thus preempting the outcome is premature.

Drakenstein is a responsible institution and committed to legally correct processes. The opinion expressed by the provincial government is in the process of being addressed with the relevant authorities.

We acknowledge the right of our communities to take legal action but would rather encourage open and constructive discussions.


Upgrading the Wellington WWTW
The R305 million Wellington Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) upgrade is a priority project under Drakenstein Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan. By Danielle Petterson
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Recycling and Incineration are needed to reduce waste to landfill
The solid waste experience of 27 European countries shows that while waste recycling is an important component of reducing waste, direct combustion (incineration) as well as other methods such as composting must be pursued ....
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Drakenstein WTE Addressing Community Concerns 20161203_final
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Drakenstein DEIR Announcement 20161031_final
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  Drakenstein Municipality responds to protest organised by activist group.
On Wednesday, 29 March 2017, an activist group, which included Drakenstein Environmental Watch (DEW) took to the streets of Wellington ...
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Contract document for the construction of a drop-off and chipping and crushing area at the Drakenstein landfill.
TENDER NO. CES 16/2014
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Proposed Drakenstein Integrated Waste Management