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Excavations and maintenance to the electrical reticulation cables along Mill-, Upper Lady Grey-, Lady Grey and Waterkant-Streets, PAARL will commence on 15th May 2017 and is expected to be completed by mid-July 2017.

The scheduled construction may lead to road- or lane closures along Upper Lady Grey-, Lady Grey –and surrounding streets and traffic congestion can be expected.
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Dear Customer

Development and Investment Desk

Drakenstein Municipality is a development friendly institution. We have therefore established a Development and Investment (DI) Desk, which will be the point of entry for developers approaching the Municipality with proposed developments in the area. The purpose of the DI Desk is to fast track the process of development projects in the Municipality. In essence, moving away from red tape and rolling
out the red carpet for those who want to join hands with us to increase Drakenstein’s economic growth.

The Development and Investment Desk is coordinated by Mrs. Elde Muller. She can be contacted during office hours on 021 807 4617 or Elde.Muller@drakenstein.gov.za

Dear Customer

Drakenstein Municipality respects our community members and any concerns they may have. However, advanced technology is proposed for the Waste-to-Energy project and each WTE facility is built to specific standards taking into account the surrounding environment, the waste types and the climate of the region thus information not taking these factors into account does not present an accurate or fair picture of the proposed facility.

Residents must please note that the environmental impact assessment is still in process and a final assessment of the viability of the project is still to be made thus preempting the outcome is premature.

Drakenstein is a responsible institution and committed to legally correct processes. The opinion expressed by the provincial government is in the process of being addressed with the relevant authorities.

We acknowledge the right of our communities to take legal action but would rather encourage open and constructive discussions.

Dear Customer

Notice of extension and upgrade at Wellington Waste Water Treatment Works

The extension and upgrade of the Wellington Waste Water Treatment Works will begin on Monday, 30 May 2016. The duration of the construction will be approximately 28 months. The scheduled construction may lead to increased traffic along Ou de Pond Street due to construction on and around this street. Construction vehicles may also use this street to gain access to the waste water treatment works upgrade construction site.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that may be experienced. We endeavour to keep disruptions to a minimum. This work is part of our continuous commitment to maintain and improve our infrastructure.

For any enquiries, please contact Ronald Brown on 021 807 4725 or Ronald.Brown@drakenstein.gov.za

Dear Customer


Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 4(3) of the Water Services Act, and Section 52 of the Municipal Water Services Bylaw of 2014 that, with effect from 1 June 2017 until further notice, to limit or restrict the use of water, subject to the exemptions provided in this notice, for in paragraph 6 hereof, level 4 water restrictions shall apply within the Drakenstein Municipal area:

 No watering/irrigation with municipal drinking water allowed. This includes watering/irrigation of flower beds, lawns, vegetables, agricultural crops, other plants, sports fields, golf courses, schools, learning institutions facilities, nurseries, parks and other open spaces. (Nurseries and customers involved in agricultural activities or with historical gardens may apply for exemption.

 The municipality may only irrigate sports fields, parks, islands, etc. using non-drinking water and upon agreement of days and times with the Water Services Branch.
 Facilities/customers making use of boreholes water, treated effluent water, spring water or wellpoints are encouraged not to water/irrigate within seven days after rainfall that provided adequate saturation.
 All boreholes and wellpoints must be registered with the Municipality and must display the official signage (with permit number) clearly visible from a public thoroughfare.
 You are encouraged to flush toilets (manually using a bucket) with greywater, rainwater or other non-drinking water.
 Borehole/wellpoint water must be used efficiently to avoid wastage and evaporation. Borehole/wellpoint water users are strongly encouraged to irrigate only on Tuesdays and Saturdays before 10:00 or after 16:00 for a maximum of one hour per day.

 All properties where alternative, non-drinking water resources are used (including rain water harvesting, grey water re-use, treated effluent water and spring water) must display signage to this effect clearly visible from a public thoroughfare.
 No washing or hosing down of hard-surfaced, walls, roofs or paved areas with municipal drinking water allowed. (Users, such as abattoirs, food processing industries, care facilities, animal shelters and other industries or facilities with special needs may apply for exemption. See below for the application process.)

 The use of water from municipal potable water mains for cooling off of any roof area is prohibited.
 The use of municipal drinking water for ornamental water fountains or water features is prohibited.
 The approved level 4 water restrictions, water tariff increase will be applicable from 1st of July 2017.

 No washing of vehicles, trailers, caravans or boats using municipal drinking water is allowed. These must be washed with non-drinking water or waterless products.
 Customers are strongly encouraged to install water efficient parts, fittings and technologies to minimise water use at all taps, showerheads and other plumbing components.
 No topping (manually or automatically) up or filling of swimming pools allowed, even if fitted with pool cover. This includes the filling of new pools or the refilling of an existing pool after a repair.
 The use of portable or any temporary play pools is prohibited.
 Use of municipal drinking water, at 100 liters per person per day is strongly encouraged.

 No washing of vehicles, trailers, caravans or boats with municipal drinking water allowed except where an exemption has been granted. This applies to both formal and informal car washes. Vehicles, trailers, caravans and boats should be washed with non-drinking water or waterless products. Exemption on application may be considered if more than 50% of the water is recycled or saved in the washing process. Abattoirs and other businesses where food are prepared and businesses that clean/prepare truck covers for the transport of food may apply for exemption.
 The use of fitted pool covers for public swimming pools is strongly encouraged where practically possible.
 No automatic top-up systems for swimming pools are allowed.
 The operation of spray parks is prohibited.

 Customers/facilities must install water efficient parts, fittings and technologies to minimise water use at all taps, showerheads and other plumbing components in public places and adhere to all Water By-law, 2014, requirements.
 Golf courses, sports facilities, parks, schools and learning institutions are not allowed to establish any new landscaping or sports fields, except if irrigated only with non-drinking water.
 For users supplied with water in terms of special contracts (notarial deeds or water service intermediaries), the contract conditions shall apply.
All exemptions granted under level 2 or level 3 restrictions are withdrawn with immediate effect and re-application will not be considered unless otherwise stated above.
Consumers should also note that water pressure may be reduced in the reticulation systems to reduce to limit water leaks and such will cause intermittent water supply.

Any person who contravenes the provisions of this notice is guilty of an offence in terms of Section 124 of the municipal Water Services Bylaw of 2014 and is liable to payment of a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred rand per contravention and/or the restriction of flow and/or pressure flow to the property/developments in question.

Dr Johan Leibbrandt


Waterbesparing noodsaaklik soos wat damvlakke daal

Met die voortslepende droogte is die water krisis besig om te verdiep. Indien die situasie nie baie vinnig verbeter nie, staar groot dele van die provinsie, insluitend Drakenstein Munisipaliteit, ‘n ongekende water krisis in die gesig, waar krane kan leeg loop.

Die moontlike instelling van strenger beperkings word hierdie maand deur verskeie owerhede bespreek en sal dan aan die Raad voorgelê word vir oorweging.  Indien die Raad besluit om strenger beperkings in te stel, sal dit  aan die publiek gekommunikeer word.

Die damvlakke van onder andere die Bergrivier-, Theewaterskloof- en Voëlvleidam daal vinnig. Volgens vooruitskatting het die Bergrivierdam 5 maande se water oor en die Theewaterskloofdam 7 maande se water oor. Wemmershoekdam het slegs 4 maande se water oor. Hierdie vooruitskattings is nie ‘n waarborg nie en dit sal die damvlakke van hierdie damme in sommige gevalle na onder 5% neem.

Die Munisipaliteit doen weereens ‘n ernstige beroep op ons inwoners om asseblief elke moontlike voorsorg te tref om hul watergebruik te beperk en te spaar. Die situasie is krities en sonder die samewerking van elke liewe inwoner staar ons ernstige probleme in die gesig. Dit is tans baie warm en as gevolg van die droogte ontstaan weghol brande baie maklik met verreikende gevolge soos die afgelope week duidelik geword het.

Die publiek word dus ook versoek om seker te maak dat hulle alles moontlik doen om die brandgevaar te verklein. Daar is baie klein moeitelose, kostelose aanpassings wat elke huishouding kan doen om water te bespaar. Maak seker geen krane of pype in jou huis lek nie. Stort vyf minute of korter. Draai die kraan toe terwyl jy jouself seep smeer en was. Dit kan tot 70 liter per stort spaar. Plaas ‘n emmer in die stort en vang die afloopwater op.

Die water kan gebruik word om die toilet mee te spoel, die kar te was of plante mee water te gee. Gebruik ‘n glas om mee tande te borsel en moenie die kraan laat loop nie. Dit kan tot 20 liter water per dag spaar. Wanneer hande gewas word sit iets onder die kraan om die water in op te vang wat dan as grys water hergebruik kan word.

Werk asseblief saam met ons en meld watervermorsing onmiddellik aan by die Munisipaliteit. Bedags kan u Wetstoepassing skakel by 021 807 6353. Na-ure kan u 021 807 4665 skakel. Waterbesparing is almal se verantwoordelikheid.


As part of the Energy Demand Side Project, geyser timers that have been installed in households across Drakenstein change with summer approaching. As residents are aware, during high electricity demand timeslots, these units turn off the geyser in an effort to relieve pressure on the electricity network. From 1 September 2016 until 30 June 2017, the geysers will be switched off from 18:00 to 20:00. Residents are reminded to please plan accordingly.

Drakenstein Municipality responds to protest organised by activist group
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Notice of Saron Community Meeting - Land Rights
The Commission on Restitution of Land Rights hereby invites you to a community meeting to be held at the Uniting Reformed Church (VGK), Saron. Where: V.G Church Hall in Saron. Date: Sunday, 02 April 2017. Time: 15h00....More on this story...
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Die oprig van selfoontorings in Drakenstein
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Action plan to improve services at Building Control Department
Our motto in Drakenstein is: “A Place of Excellence”. Daily, hundreds of employees work from dawn to dusk to make sure we achieve this goal. However, local government is never without its challenges...More on this story...
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One World Festival of Healing
One World Festival of Healing will be held 24 to 25 September 2016 in the Paarl Arboretum. Various well known artists will be performing. Event happening from 10:00 - 18:00....More on this story...
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Geluk en voorspoed vir Drakenstein Olimpiese en Paralimpiese Atlete!
Met die Olimpiese Spele agter die rug, begin die Paralimpiese Spele in Rio, oor net meer as ‘n week! Soos met die Olimpiese Spele, word Suid-Afrika ook verteenwoordig deur atlete en amptenare vanuit Drakenstein....More on this story...
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Fraudulent letters in circulation in Drakenstein
The municipality has been made aware of a fraudulent letter being circulated within the Drakenstein area, telling residents they have been successful in an application for a refund from the State Enterprise....More on this story...
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Plant a tree to create a lasting legacy
Arbour Day is an event that is celebrated across the world at various times of the year. In South Africa we celebrate this day on 1 September, also known as Spring Day, and it forms part of Arbour Week....More on this story...
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Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act 2010

DM Events Application Form

Events Waste Management Plan

Fire Department Form

Safety at Sports and Recreational events ACT 2-2010 Vers 6 Application Sec 6(3) Form

Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act Exclusion Operation of s 25

Sports and Recreational Events Act 2010 as at June 2016

Indemnity Form



All residents please report any dishonesty, unethical and inappropriate behaviour at Drakenstein Municipality, which may include fraud, corruption and theft, without fear of being identified.

You can use the following contact details:
FreeCall telephone number: 0800 428 429,

You can also contact the FreePost address
(Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous, Free post,
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