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Drakenstein Zoning Scheme Phase 2 Research Report
Newsletters 2017
Drakenstein Zoning Scheme Phase 2 Research Report 

The Drakenstein Municipality is well on its way to formulating a new Zoning Scheme for the municipal
area in terms of the applicable planning legislation (Western Cape Land Use Planning Act no 3 of 2014
(LUPA) and Drakenstein Municipal Land Use Planning by-law).

Section 59(4) of LUPA requires that the public be given an opportunity to comment on each phase
of the preparation of a zoning scheme.

Accordingly, the Drakenstein Zoning Scheme: Phase 2 Research Report is now available to the public
for inspection and comment and input. The public, interested parties and groups are invited to submit
comments, recommendations and input on the report by 15 November 2016. 

For more information contact chaz@sakaza.co.za

  • Brochure / Leaflet
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  • Research Report & Annexures
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2016-10-03 Phase 2 Research Report (1.4).pdf                3.4 MB

Ann 1 - Law summary -Rev1 (LRes).pdf                          214.22 KB

Ann 2 - Futures Workshop (LRes).pdf                              732.32 KB

Ann 3 - Statistics & Figures (LRes).pdf                            72.22 KB

Ann 4 - Policy Summary (LRes).pdf                                521.43 KB

Ann 5 - Zoning Schemes Summary (LRes).pdf                 2.83 MB

Ann 6 - Zoning Maps (LRes).pdf                                     1.85 MB

Ann 7 - Issues Maps (LRes).pdf                                      2.08 MB

Ann 8 - Min Meetings & Wrkshp (LRes).pdf                      662.81 KB

Ann 9 - I&AP Database & Communication Plan.pdf           356.63 KB

Ann 10 - GIS Report - Riding & Watt(LRes).pdf                165.71 KB

Ann 11 - Draft Scheme Structure (LRes).pdf                    681.69 KB

Ann 12 Change Drivers Summary (LRes).pdf                    90.13 KB


  • Comments
    COMMENT FORM: Phase 2 Research Report
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Complete the form by downloading it above and entering your comments.
You may also attach additional pages, if required. Once completed, print, sign
and email to chaz@sakaza.co.za or mail to P.O. Box 45510, Ottery, 7800.