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What is the basic municipal services subsidy policy?
It is a policy whereby the Drakenstein Municipality is obliged by the Constitution
and Municipal Systems Act to provide basic municipal services to the poor.
These services include water, electricity, rates, sanitation and refuse removal.

Why was the subsidy introduced?
The increased poverty, escalating unemployment and increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS
coupled with the vision of offering better quality of life and higher standards of living
form the roots of this policy.

How will the policy benefit Drakenstein residents?
• 10kl of water free to Indigents Households
• 100kw of electricity free to Indigents Households
• No assessment rates charged on properties valued less than R150,000
• R 165 Subsidy on Sewerage and Refuse Removal


Is this a new welfare system?
No. The payment of municipal services remains the responsibility of the user/account holder.

Who can apply for this subsidy?
• Households with a joint/total income equal to twice the monthly pension grant
  (currently R1010 x 2 = R2,020 plus 30%).
• Pensioners, unemployed, self-employed, or employed people with a total family
   income of less than R 2,626 per month.
• Account holders receiving disability grants who have a total family income of less
  than R2,626 per month.
• An account holder whose partner also receives a government pension and has
   a total family income of less than R 2,626 per month.
• HIV+/AIDS breadwinners and/or their orphans have a total family income of less
  than R2,626 per month.

How to apply for a Subsidy?
Application forms are available from municipal offices in any of the towns in the Drakenstein municipal area.

Can I get assistance in filling out the form?
Yes. An official at the office will assist applicants in completion of forms.

What documents must accompany the application form?
• A certified copy of your ID (Identity Document)
• Your latest municipal account
• Your pay slip or receipt of government pension or a certified copy of your pension card
   or disability grant or an affidavit if you are unemployed and your total household 
   income is less than R2,626 per month.
• Death certificate of the account holder if the applicant is not the account holder
• In the case of AIDS patients and/or orphans, attach a letter stating your HIV/AIDS status.
  (This information will be treated confidentially).

Where can I go to get copies certified?
Your local police station. 

Where can I hand in the application?
Completed application forms can be handed in at your nearest Revenue pay point upon
which a receipt will be issued.

If my application is successful, how long will I be eligible for the
free 6kl Water and Sewage and Refuse Charges Subsidy?
The subsidy period is effective from the date of approval.
The account holders must apply for the subsidy annually before the end of March each year.

Application forms must be completed accurately and truthfully as disclosure
of false information will disqualify you and lead to criminal prosecution.


What happens if I provide false information on the application form?

This will lead to immediate disqualification and credit control action and
you will not be allowed to apply for this municipal subsidy.
You will be charged with the total amount of the subsidy plus interest.
This may also lead to criminal prosecution.