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A city of excellence

Drakenstein Municipality will execute its vision through the following:


(a) Protecting and enhancing of the quality of life of our residents and the unique environment of our area;
(b) Providing efficient and effective delivery of services which is responsive to the community’s needs;
(c) Promoting the principles of access, equity and social justice in the development of services;
(d) Delivering  an effective organisational culture which strives for service excellence;
(e) Exercising regulatory functions of Council consistently and without bias;
(f) Encouraging community participation in the processes of Council by consulting widely on its activities and policies;
(g) Creating an enabling environment for economic growth, job creation and the alleviation of poverty; and
(h) Promoting a future-oriented approach to planning.


 Transparency;
 Excellence;
 Responsiveness;
 Accountability;
 Accessibility; and
 Integrity


What does the new Drakenstein Municipality logo symbolise?

Adopted on 24 August 2017 by the Drakenstein Municipal Council, Drakenstein Municipality’s new logo represents excellence empowered by unity:

 The dark blue ridges in the outer frame symbolise Drakenstein’s mountain ranges.
 The lighter blue crescents represent the Berg River as well as the Drakenstein Valley nestled between the mountain ranges.
 The smaller green crescents signify growth, development and agriculture.
 The figure in the centre embodies achievement and excellence. It is also a depiction of the late President Nelson Mandela
     who took his first steps of freedom in Drakenstein and passed on a legacy of reconciliation and selfless dedication to service
     to the community.





Emergency Numbers

Life threatening
021 872 2323

Service Emergency
021 807 4500


Drakenstein Municipality
Berg River Boulevard
South Africa

GPS coordinates

S33 44.248 E18 58.108

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