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Community Services

​Executive Manager: Community Services
Gerald Esau

Mr Gerald Esau brings more then 25 years of experience, knowledge, skills, and understanding in Local Government to Drakenstein, of which 20 years are in senior management.
His core responsibilities over the years included the management of parks, public open spaces, cemeteries, sport facilities and amenities and area cleaning, law enforcement, traffic services and libraries.
He is excellent and very skillful in project management, communication and mediation with exceptional interpersonal skills.

Mr Esau was instrumental with the installation of CCTV and LPR cameras at his previous employer as well as leading his team in been awarded Arbor City champions twice.


​Executive Manager: Community Services
Gerald Esau

He held the following strategic positions:

• Sectional Head Parks and Recreation
• Chief Horticulturist
• Manager: Community Services
• Director; Community Services

Mr Esau achieved the following qualifications:

• National Diploma in Horticulture achieved from the then, Peninsula Technicon in 1996;

• Certificate in Grafting and Budding from the Department of Agriculture received 1995;

• B-Tech  in Business Administration gained from the Central University of Technology of Free state in 2003;

• B-Tech Project Management with honours achieved from Central University of Technology of Free State in 2006.


Purpose and functions:

The core function of ED: Community Services is to provide Strategic Leadership and Manage Functional Matters

of the Department’s Projects, Parks, Sport and Cemeteries, Human Settlements, Community Development, Libraries,

Public Safety  and Fire Services by:

• Developing and Implementing functional plans and policies, aligned to the Municipality’s Strategic Objectives and Priorities

  of all Divisions;

• Leading , Directing and Managing functional outcomes of Sections;

• Providing advice and guidance to the political (MAYCO) and (SMT) by drafting and recommending functional actions;

• Communicating Strategies and high-level operational plans within the Department.

In order to ensure a value added, efficient service delivery of all sections to enables and support sustainable growth

and development.


Personal Assistant
Angeline Erenstzen
Phone: (021) 807 - 6348
Contact us: customercare@drakenstein.gov.za


Emergency Numbers

Life threatening
021 872 2323

Service Emergency
021 807 4500


Drakenstein Municipality
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