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Corporate Services


Executive Director: Corporate Services
Seraj Johaar


The Corporate Services Department derives it mandate from Council’s key development objective, i.e. institutional development, the IDP. It therefore means it is largely an internally focussed department with the primary aim of employee recruitment and development and enhanced and efficient administrative systems.

The strategic challenge for the municipality is to find better ways in delivering services to the Drakenstein community by effectively and efficiently utilising existing structures and mechanisms to address the needs of the community in a holistic and integrated manner.


Executive Director: Corporate Services
Seraj Johaar

It is therefore this department’s responsibility to ensure that the organisation is being aligned to advance on the key objectives of the municipality by addressing human resources related issues and to amplify technological applications within the organisation.

Functional Overview

This department consists of the following sections:

Administrative Services

Information Technology (IT)

Human Resources (HR)

Estate and Property Management

Legal Services

International and Intergovernmental Relations

This department is regarded as a lifeline within the Municipality as it services the entire organisation.
It provides administrative support services to each and every department, as well as Council’s structures/committees.

Contact us: customercare@drakenstein.gov.za



Access to Information - S14 Manual_New Application Form 2021http://www.drakenstein.gov.za/docs/Documents/Access to Information - S14 Manual_New Application Form 2021.pdfAccess to Information - S14 Manual_New Application Form 2021

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