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Informal Trading Spaces


What is the Informal Trading Policy?
The informal trading policy is a management framework adopted by Council that gives effect to the Informal Trading By-law. The policy governs the procedures that deals with the issuing permits, regulated trading spaces, and roles and responsibilities of the various role players involved in the management of informal traders in Drakenstein

Who can I talk to if I want to apply for a permit?
Informal trading permits are issues by the Local Economic Development Section and the contact person is Mr. Ntobeko Vacu at 021 807 4740 or email at ntobeko.vacu@drakenstein.gov.za

What does the application process entail? How long does it take?

  1. Application forms for trading permits are available at the LED Offices in Wellington
  2. Applicants must bring the following supporting documents for their applications:
    • Certified copy of their ID’s
    • Two ID sized photos
    • Proof of address
  3. The prescribed form must be completed with supporting documents and be handed to the LED Officer for processing.
  4. An acknowledgement of receipt letter is issued.
  5. The LED Officer checks whether the application for trading space falls within the demarcated areas.
  6. If it falls within the demarcated areas recommendation of approval is made.
  7. Application is then sent for approval by the Manager LED and Tourism.
  8. Application is then approved and a permit is issued and information is captured on the central database
  9. If application is not approved then the applicant has the right to appeal decision.
  10. The turnaround time for an application is approximately 3 days.

How many designated Informal Trading Areas do we have available?

Currently, the following areas has been declared informal trading areas in terms of the Business Act 1 of 1996:

  • Van Der Poels Square
  • Ou Tuin Substation
  • Shoprite Parking area (Klein Drakenstein Road)
  • Filmatic
  • Jan Van Riebeeck Drive (bus terminal in front of Community Hall)
  • Main Road (Noorde Paarl) – In front of Checkers
  • Mellingstreet – Wellington
  • Merchand Square – Wellington

Does one pay for an informal trading permit?
No. There is cost to an informal trading permit at the moment. Council is in the process of developing a tariff structure for the future.

How long is it valid for?
Informal trading permits is valid for one year.

Where can I download an application form?
www.drakenstein.gov.za/businesslicences/informaltrading or you can collect an application form at our Wellington offices at 100 Pentz Street, Wellington.

During what hours can I apply for a permit?
Official are available to assist from 07h45 to 12h45 and from 13h45 to 17h00 from Mondays to Thursdays and on Fridays from 07h45 to 12h45 and from 13h45 to 15h45.



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