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Drakenstein Municipality takes water qualities very seriouslyhttp://www.drakenstein.gov.za/drakenstein-municipality-takes-water-qualities-very-seriouslyDrakenstein Municipality takes water qualities very seriouslyDrakenstein Municipality can assure the residents, businesses and farmers of Drakenstein that we take water qualities very seriously and takes precautions all the time to limit pollution.2022/05/13 10:00:00 PMPress Releases
Celebrating World Fair Trade Day 2022http://www.drakenstein.gov.za/celebrating-world-fair-trade-day-2022Celebrating World Fair Trade Day 2022Drakenstein Municipality stands for Climate Justice and the equal distribution of the burden of climate change2022/05/13 10:00:00 PMPress Releases
Eid message by Executive Mayorhttp://www.drakenstein.gov.za/eid-message-by-executive-mayorEid message by Executive MayorToday marks a very important day on the religious calendar of all followers of Islam. Eid al-Fitr2022/05/02 10:00:00 PMPress Releases
Executive Mayor announces new Mayoral Committeehttp://www.drakenstein.gov.za/executive-mayor-announces-new-mayoral-committeeExecutive Mayor announces new Mayoral CommitteeThe Drakenstein Municipal Council's inaugural meeting took place on Monday, 15 November 2021, at the Paarl Town Hall.2021/11/17 10:00:00 PMPress Releases
Inaugural address by Executive Mayor Conrad Poole 15 Nov 2021http://www.drakenstein.gov.za/inaugural-address-by-executive-mayor-conrad-poole-15-nov-2021Inaugural address by Executive Mayor Conrad Poole 15 Nov 2021Alderman Conrad Poole was elected as the Executive Mayor of Drakenstein Municipality for a second term at the Drakenstein Municipal2021/11/15 10:00:00 PMPress Releases
New Drakenstein Municipal Council inauguratedhttp://www.drakenstein.gov.za/new-drakenstein-municipal-council-inauguratedNew Drakenstein Municipal Council inauguratedThe Drakenstein Municipal Council’s inaugural meeting took place on Monday, 15 November 20212021/11/14 10:00:00 PMPress Releases
Meet Drakenstein Municipality’s 33 new ward councillorshttp://www.drakenstein.gov.za/meet-drakenstein-municipality-s-33-new-ward-councillorsMeet Drakenstein Municipality’s 33 new ward councillorsNo less than 20 different political parties, including local parties, contested in this year's local government elections in Drakenstein Municipality2021/11/11 10:00:00 PMPress Releases
Condolences to the family of former State President FW de Klerkhttp://www.drakenstein.gov.za/condolences-to-the-family-of-former-state-president-fw-de-klerkCondolences to the family of former State President FW de KlerkDrakenstein Municipality wishes to extend our sincerest condolences to the family and loved ones of former State President FW de Klerk, who died earlier today.2021/11/10 10:00:00 PMPress Releases
Fire in Paarl claims three liveshttp://www.drakenstein.gov.za/fire-in-paarl-claims-three-livesFire in Paarl claims three livesA man, a woman and a child died in a fire in an informal settlement in Paarl in the early hours on Monday, 8 November 2021.2021/11/07 10:00:00 PMPress Releases
Guy Fawkes fireworks remain banned in Drakenstein http://www.drakenstein.gov.za/guy-fawkes-fireworks-remain-banned-in-drakensteinGuy Fawkes fireworks remain banned in Drakenstein The 5th of November, celebrated as Guy Fawkes Day in a number of countries2021/11/02 10:00:00 PMPress release

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