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2019/03/17 - 2019/03/24

Drakenstein Municipality Events Application Procedure

Please find the following documents:

  1. DM Event Application cover page
  2. Events Permit Application Forms rev2 **new**
  3. Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act 2/2010 - Section 6 (3) Application.
  4. Drakenstein Event Support_Application Form.
  5. Event Categorisation Schedule


For all events within the Drakenstein Municipal area the following contact details should be used.
021 807 4641
021 807 4558

Email address:



Drakenstein Municipality has identified Events as one of the key drivers to market Drakenstein and grow local tourism. Since 2014, the Municipality has focused on supporting a wide variety of events to promote our towns as 365-day events destinations and to mitigate seasonality.

Drakenstein Municipality now invites all eligible organisations to submit proposals to host Events that meet the Municipality’s Events criteria as per the approved Financial Assistance for Public Events Policy of 2017.

1) Objectives
Eligible organisations, which include NGOs’, NPOs’, CBOs’, Section 21 Companies and other relevant institutions are invited to apply for financial and/or in-kind support to host events in the municipal area that will achieve the following objectives:
a) facilitate enhanced social cohesion, community spirit and pride;
b) develop stronger united communities;
c) create stronger identity and inclusivity;
d) ensure geographical spread;
e) create cross-cultural awareness and understanding;
f) facilitate local and regional economic growth;
g) facilitate sustainable job creation;
h) promote Drakenstein as a responsible and green tourism destination;
i) increase tourism and sporting activities;
j) generate international and national media attention and increase the profile of the region;
k) attract creative and talented people and businesses to share their talents;
l) promote co-operation and collaboration between internal and external stakeholders;
m) and promote a positive legacy linked to hosting of events in the destination.

2) Events Criteria
Events will be evaluated based on the criteria as per the approved Events Categorization schedule, which is available by clicking here. Applicants must stipulate if the application is for a (cash donations only) or/and non-financial (in-kind municipal services) event support.

3) Requirements for proposals
Proposals submitted must include:
a) a detailed business plan;
b) an Event support application form, which is available on our website;
c)  a detailed itemized budget;
d) All sponsorships must be declared and included in the event proposal to avoid duplication of funding allocation from other government sources; and
e) Should financial and/or in kind support have been provided in the previous three years, a a close-out report must be tabled on the total expenditure, number of attendees, media exposure, local spend, use of council’s contribution and number of local jobs created.

Failure to submit all required documentation and information may result in a proposal being rejected.  There can be no expectation of acceptance based upon previous allocations. The detailed business plan will require the provision of a detailed itemized budget. Please note that applicants will have to declare all sponsors upfront to avoid duplication of funding allocation from other government sources. 

4) Submission of Proposals
Proposals can be submitted in a sealed envelope and endorsed “ Event Support Applications for 2019-2020 Financial year- Drakenstein Municipality, and must be placed in the official tender box in the foyer at the Civic Centre, 1 Berg River Boulevard, Paarl, 7646 before or on 20 February 2019.

5) Terms and Conditions
All successful applicants must sign a Memorandum of Understanding that will comply with the Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 of 2003. Please note that the Terms and Conditions set out in the contract must be adhered to as failure to do so will result in a breach of contract and Council will take the necessary steps it deems necessary in terms of such contracts.

6) Evaluation Process
Proposals will be evaluated in two phases:

a) Administrative Compliance –bidders will be assessed whether they have submitted all the administrative documents required above.
b) Functionality – the received proposals will be measured against the evaluation criteria using “ the Events criteria referred in Section 2.

NB.  Proposals that fail to meet the requirements stipulated in the RFP and those that do not meet the evaluation criteria will be disqualified from further evaluation.

7) Further Enquiries
For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Chrismaré Carse, Senior Tourism Officer, Economic Growth and Tourism at 021 807 7744 or via e-mail Chrismare.Carse@drakenstein.gov.za .

Please note that only hard copies will be accepted, and that no electronic submissions will be accepted or considered. If you do not get a reply from Drakenstein Municipality by 31 May 2019, you must consider your submission unsuccessful.

- Proposals will be approved in lined with allocated annual budgets.
- Consideration for funding will be at the discretion of the Budget Sub-Committee for Events.
          DR JH Leibbrandt
          City Manager


Events Approved

Please find below the following approved events:

Event no.Name of EventDate of EventVenueTime
1.TP Family Garden Picnic

07 /01/ 2018

The Nelson Creek Wine Estate, R44, Paarl

11h00 - 00h00
2.The World Sport Batting Cape Cobras Cricket Match


10 /01/ 2018

Boland Park Cricket Stadium

13h30 - 16h30
3.Wellington Annual Coon Competition

13 & 27/01/ 2018

Pelikaanpark, Wellington

08h00 - 20h00
4.The Interhouse Athletics

18-19 /01/ 2018

Brug Street, Paarl

15h00 - 20h30
5.The Cricket Boland Npc

19 /01/ 2018

Boland Cricket Stadium, Paarl15h00
6.We Love Summer Secret Garden

20 /01/ 2018

La Paris Estate, R301, Franschhoek11h00 -00h00
7.The Western Cape Provincial Road Cycling Championship

20-21 /01/ 2018

The Race Head quarters, Windmeul Cellars, R44 Paarl

8.The La Rochelle Interhouse Athletics

23 /01/ 2018

Bh Sports Fields, Paarl

07h00 - 15h00
9.The Pps Swimming Gala

25 /01/ 2018

Faure Street Swimming Pool, Paarl.


14h30 - 19h00

10.Invitational Athletics

26 /01/ 2018

Brug Street, Paarl

15h00 - 22h30

11.The Rockets

27 /01/ 2018

Taalmonument Ampitheatre, Paarl

20h00 - 23h00

12.The Cyclo Sportif#1

28 /01/ 2018

Windmeul Wine Cellar, Corner Of R44 And Perdeberg Road, Paarl

06h30 -11h30

13.Tent Crusade – Jesus Heals Church Meeting2nd-4th /02/ 2018Erf 757 Saron18h00 -22h00
14.The Vodacom Super Rugby Friendly Matches


Boland Rugby Stadium, Wellington12h00 -18h00
15.Market And Bridge Mile Family Market And Swim


Val De Vie Estate, Paarl.06h00 - 15h00
16.The Paarl Rotary Bouckaert Soenen Road Cycle

04 /02/2018

De Poort, Southern Paarl06h00 - 13h00
17.Riana Nel

04 /02/2018

Taalmonument Ampitheatre, Paarl20h00 -23h00
18.The Pmw Athletics Meeting

06 /02/2018

Dal Josaphat Athletic Stadium13h00 -21h00
19.Track And Field Athletics Meeting

08 /02/2018

Dal Josaphat Athletic Stadium08h00 -20h00
20.27 For Freedom Road Run/Walk/ Culture

10 /02/2018

Drakenstein Correctional Facility05h30 -15h00
21.99er Cycle Tour Road Cycle Race

10 /02/2018

De Poort, Southern Paarl05h50 - 13h50
22.The Charlie Hofmeyrinterschools  Athletics Meeting

13 /02/2018

Dal Josaphat Athletic Stadium, Paarl07h00 - 17h00
23.The Ernie Smith Valentines Day Picnic Concert

14 /02/2018

Taalmonument Ampitheatre, Paarl20h00 - 21h00
24.Linton Park Wines Valentines Day Music Concert

14 /02/2018

Linton Park Wines, Slangriver Farm, Wellington.18h00 -21h30
25.Traditional High Schools  Athletics Meeting

14 /02/2018

Dal Josaphat Athletic Stadium, Paarl

09h00 - 17h00


26.Valentine Dinner14 /02/2018Gim High School, Paarl18h00 - 22h00
27.The Cape Golden Interschools  Athletics Meeting16 /02/2018Dal Josaphat Athletic Stadium, Paarl

13h00 - 21h00


28.The Elvis Blue Picnic17 /02/2018Taalmonument Ampitheatre, Paarl.20h00 - 23h00
29.The Backsberg Picnic Concert Series

18 &

25 /02/2018

Backsberg Estate Cellars, Paarl15h00 -19h00

4m Athletics Champion- ships 2018

22 /02/2018

Daljosaphat Stadium

11h00 -22h00

31.Moonlight Market


Bovlei Cellar R301, Wellington.18h00 -23h00
32.Windmeul Primary School Carnival

 23–24 /02/2018

Windmeul Primary School Sportsground, Paarl18h00 -00h00
33.Track And Field Athletics Meeting23 – 24 /02/2018Daljosaphat Stadium08h00 - 20h00
34.28 Tour De Ppa Road Cycling

 25 /02/2018

Durbanville Race Course Through Paarl 

Paarl Women Purple Ribbon Walk

25 /02/2018Paarl Mountain To Jan Phillips Mountain Drive08h00 - 12h00
36.Fnb Varsity Shield Rugby Games26 /02/2018Dj De Villiers Stadium, Wellington07h30 -23h50
37.Puma School Of Speed Athletics26 /02/2018Dal Josaphat Athletics Stadium13h00 -22h00
38.Obu Gala Evening Social Event02 /03/ 2018Paarl Boys High School, Auret Street18h30 -00h00
39.Track And Field Athletics Meeting02 – 03 /03/ 2018Daljosaphat Stadium08h00 - 20h00
40.Love & Light Outdoor Musical Festival03 /03/ 2018Nelson's Creek Wine Estate10h00 -02h00
41.Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo03 /03/ 2018Val De Vie14h00 -22h00
42.Paarl Parkrun03 & 10 /03/ 2018Paarl Arboretum08h00 - 10h00
43.The Backsberg Picnic Concert Series4, 11 And 18 /03/ 2018Backsberg Estate Cellars, Paarl.  15h00 - 19h00
44.Fnb Varsity Shield Rugby Games5 & 15 /03/ 2018Dj De Villiers Stadium, Wellington07h30 - 23h50
45.Boland College Inter Athlete6 /03/ 2018Dal Josaphat Stadium09h00 -16h00
46.Bestmed Tour Of Good Hope Road Cycling

6-9 /03/ 2018 

Paarl And Wellington06h00 - 14h00
47.Track And Field Athletics Meeting8-10 /03/ 2018Dal Josaphat Stadium08h00 -20h00
48.We House Sundays Birthday Festival

11 /03/ 2018 

Rheebokskloof10h00 - 23h00
49.Track And Field Athletics Meeting15-17 /03/ 2018Dal Josaphat Stadium08h00 -20h00
50.Sram Wpmtb Xco Cup Race16-17 /03/ 2018Rheebokskloof Wine Estate07h00 -15h00
51.St Albans Carnival Fun Run Amusement16-17 /03/ 2018St. Albans Sportsgrounds, Wellington18h00 -00h00
52.Paarl Mall Pop-Up Cinema17 /03/ 2018Paarl Mall Parking Area18h00 -23h00
53.Cansa Relay For Life Paarl 201817-18 /03/ 2018Parys Cricket Grounds07h00 -06h00
54.Xtn Fig Festival17-18 /03/ 2018Eksteen Family Farm, Uitkyk Farm And Voor Paardeberg Road10h00 - 18h00
55.Church Revival, Greater Glory Ministries19-25 /03/ 2018Erf 30822, Mbekweni19h00 - 22h00
56.Grace Community International Baptist Church19 /03/ 2018 - 01 /04/ 2018Erf 30652 Drommedaris18h00 -20h30
57.Prayer Day21 /03/ 2018Boland Rugby Stadium09h00 -13h00
58.Asa Grand Prix3 Athletics Meeting22 /03/ 2018Dal Josaphat Stadium16h00 - 21h00
59.Funrun Hjs – Blue Run Week22 /03/ 2018Hjs School And Brug Street Sport Grounds17h00 -19h00
60.Absa Cape Epic 2018 – Race Village 322–24/03/ 2018Huguenot High & Primary School Fields07h00 - 19h00
61.Boland Summer Festival23-25 /03/ 2018Dal Josaphat Stadium14h00 - 00h00
62.Come Dine With Mazee24 /03/ 2018Pinzi Street, Erf 2007 Mbekweni14h00 - 20h00
63.Die Heuwels Fantasties Piekniekkonsert24 /03/ 2018

Taalmonument Tuinteater

20h00 - 23h00

64.Paarl Mall– Half Marathon 10km Road Race24 /03/ 2018Paarl Mall, Cecilia Street06h30 - 11h30
65.Ultra Rugby Day24 /03/ 2018Boys High School, Brug Street08h00 -15h00
66.Absa Cape Epic 2018 – Grand Finale25 /03/ 2018Val De Vie Estate07h00 - 16h00
67.Change People's Lives Crusade, Save Lives Ministries

25/03/2018 –


Buccanneer Street, New Rest, Wellington19h00 -22h00
68.Tent Crusade, Truevine Fellowship

25/03/2018 –


Pierre And Johan Street, Greenfields19h00 -22h00
69.Cape Winelands Grand Prix Road Cycling Race25/03/2018Windmeul Primary School Race Headquarters

08h00 - 13h00


70.Gospel Crusade, Crystal Gates Ministries

28/03/2018 –

02 /04/2018

Leon Street, Van Wyksvlei, Wellington19h00 - 22h00
71.The World Schools Festival

28/03/2018 –

07 /04/2018

Hjs School Sportsground10h00 -24h00
72.Fnb Varsity Shield Rugby Games29 /03/2018Dj De Villiers Stadium, Wellington07h30 - 23h50
73.Under 14 & 16 Rugby Festival

29, 31 /03/2018 –

02 /04/2018

Gymnasium Sportfields08h00 - 20h00
74.Under 15 Rugby Festivalpaarl

29, 31 /03/2018 –

02 /04/2018

Boys High School Sportsground08h00 -18h00

Tent Crusade – Beacon Of Light Gospel Meeting

30 /03/2018 –

08 /04/2018

Erf 5810 Wellington, Situated Next To Dr Abduragman Street 
76.Make Or Break Boxing

30 /03/2018


Mistico Equestrian, R312 Lichtenberg Road, Paarl18h00 - 23h00
77.Rastafarian Cultural Heritage Festival

30 /03/2018 –

02 /04/2018

New Orleans Park16h00 -22h00
78.Church Crusade, Wellington Pinkster Gemeente

30 /03/2018 –

02 /04/2018

Erf 3448, Wellington19h00 -22h00
79.Oppieberg Konsert Met Dr Victor En Die Rasta Rebels, Paxton En Jak De Priester06 /04/ 2018Taal Monument Amphitheatre19h30 -23h30
80.Druk My Niet Cellar Opening07 /04/2018Druk My Niet Wine Estate09h00 -18h00
81.Fnb Varsity Shield Rugby Games09 /04/2018Dj De Villiers Stadium, Wellington07h30 -23h50
82.Drakenstein Municipality Wellnessday 201813 /04/2018Dal Josaphat Stadium07h45 - 15h45
83.Liberty Winelands Mtb Encounter13-15 /04/2018Nederburg Wine Estate08h00 -l 12h00
84.Taalmonument Koorfees14 /04/2018Taalmonument Amphitheatre18h00 - 20h00
85.Pinotage And Biltong Food And Wine Festival14 -15 /04/2018Perdeberg Cellar11h00 -17h00

Christmas Band Competition

15 /04/2018Faure Street Stadium10h00 -18h00
87.Run The Pearl22 /04/2018Pearl Valley Boma, Val De Vie Estate

06h30 - 15h00


88.Iott Hall – Samekoms27 /04/2018Erf 34 Paarl, Situated At The Corner Of Suid And Voor Street   
89.Basaar – Church On Fire28 /04/2018Erf 22410 Paarl, Next To Groenheuwel Library09h00 -16h00
90.Boland King Of Spin29 /04/2018Dal Josaphat Stadium08h00 -18h00
91.Safari Half Marathon01 /05/ 2018Huguenot High School05h00 -13h00
92.Tent Crusade – Orion Church02-10/05/ 2018

Erf 10912 Paarl, Situated C/O New Orleans And Van Der Stel Road

93.Op 'N Stasie Gemeenskapfees04-05 /05/ 2018Kleinvalleij Conference Centre08h00 - 17h00
94.Boys High Vs Grey College05 /05/ 2018Hjs Sports Field, Brug Street07h00-
95.Gim Home Games – Rugby Games05 /05/ 2018Paarl Gim School08h00 -14h00
96.Pps Mini Rugby08 /05/ 2018Boys High Sports Field, Brug Street14h00 -l 18h30
97.Gravel Travel Mtb12 /05/ 2018Doolhof Wine Estate08h00 -14h00
98.A Walk To Remember

19 /05/ 2018


Arboretum & Cricket Sports Ground09h00 -14h00
99.Pentecostal Upper Hall Of Sa Tent Service20-28 /05/ 2018Erf 30260 Paarl, Situated At The Corner Of Nontakana And Lonwabo Street19h00 -22h00
100.Gim Home Games – Rugby Games26 /05/ 2018Paarl Gim School08h00 -14h00
101.My Child And I Expo26 /05/ 2018Rheebokskloof09h00 -15h00
102.All Mountain Enduro10 /06/ 2018Val Du Charron, Bovlei Road, Wellington

09h00 -14h00




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