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Free disposal of household waste in Drakenstein Municipality comes to end

Since March 2021, Drakenstein Municipality has allowed for residents and farmers to dispose of household waste for free at the Wellington Landfill Site and Paarl Transfer Station.

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Press release

13 July 2021

Since March 2021, Drakenstein Municipality has allowed for residents and farmers to dispose of household waste for free at the Wellington Landfill Site and Paarl Transfer Station. This service formed part of Executive Mayor Conrad Poole’s War on Waste (WOW) programme and the Municipality’s ongoing efforts and commitment to eradicate the plague of unsightly and unhealthy illegal dumping in Drakenstein. The pilot project came to an end on 30 June 2021.

While 671 tonnes were dumped for free every month by residents and farmers during this period, making a valuable contribution, the eyesore of illegal dumping and littering is sadly continuing in Drakenstein. The Municipality has therefore decided to reinstate the tariffs on 1 July 2021.

From 1 July 2021, the following rules apply:

Residents of the Drakenstein municipal area

Residents who receive a municipal account may still dump one load for free per month at the Wellington Landfill Site and Paarl Transfer Station. The maximum prescribed weight for the free load is 1 000kg, and loads may not be divided to make up that total. Only one free load a month is allowed at one dumping facility of your choice.

Businesses within the Drakenstein municipal area

Businesses, for instance garden services, may dump grass and leaves for free. The load will be classified as general waste and you will be required to pay for it if the load with grass and leaves is contaminated with any other solid waste (such as branches, cement bags, tree trunks, pipes, ground, or domestic waste). 

For branches and trees that need to be cut at great costs to the Municipality, the prescribed tariff will be charged. Clean builders’ rubble (free of plastic, planks, cement bags, wood and wires) can also be dumped for free at the Wellington Landfill Site. If the load is contaminated, you will be liable to pay for it according to the prescribed tariffs.

Producers in the rural areas

As in the past, the applicable tariffs will make provision for a reduced dumping tariff for producers who do not use the Municipality’s collection services. If you, however, receive an account from Drakenstein Municipality for the collection of solid waste, you also qualify for one free load at the Wellington Landfill Site. If you do not receive any service account for solid waste collection, you only qualify for the approved reduced dumping tariff.

Producers should note that if you use a contractor to collect and dump domestic solid waste on your behalf, the reduced tariff does not apply. The contractor then needs a letter with the farm’s name, date and signature to dump household solid waste at the Wellington Landfill Site. The contractor should be registered as a solid waste collector and should produce his or her permit at the dumping site. For registration at the Solid Waste Management division, contact Karin Fredericks at 021 807 4708 or Karen.Fredericks@drakenstein.gov.za.

The following tariffs apply from 1 July 2021 at the Wellington Landfill Site, Paarl Transfer Station and the Hermon, Gouda and Saron Satellite Stations:


No builders’ rubble will be accepted at Paarl. Loads at the Paarl Transfer Station will be limited to a 1-tonne bakkie with trailer. All other vehicles should use the Wellington disposal facility.


Methods of payment for dumping of solid waste and how it works at dumping facilities:

Residents can pay as follows:

• Via the Coupon System
Available at pay points (cashiers) at the Paarl and Wellington municipal offices. You state what type of waste you want to dump and whether you are a resident, contractor or producer. You hand your tickets in at the weighbridges and your details will then be registered on the system.

 Account System
Contractors or producers who dump more than four loads of solid waste per week and exceed 1 000kg can apply to open an account at Drakenstein Municipality. You then don’t have to use the Coupon System. Send an email to Karen.Fredericks@drakenstein.gov.za and apply to use the Account System.


General information:

• No cash will be handled or accepted as payment method at any of the Municipality’s dumping sites;
• All loads should be covered with for instance a net and be secured to prevent dumping of solid waste while the vehicle is moving;
• Drivers of vehicles with other registrations than CJ and CN who want to use the dumping facilities should be able to produce an original letter with that day’s date, address of where solid waste originates from within Drakenstein Municipality’s boundaries, as well as the signature of the original owner;
• It is compulsory for residents who want to use the free-one-load-a-month allocation to show their municipal account and driver’s licence at the entrance; and
• No solid waste from outside Drakenstein Municipality’s boundaries may be dumped at the Municipality’s dumping facilities.


For more information regarding solid waste disposal, please contact:

• Solid Waste Customer Care (07:45 – 17:00):  021 807 4708
• Drakenstein Municipality Switchboard (all hours):  080 131 3553 toll free.



Issued by: Communication and Marketing, Drakenstein Municipality

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