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Building Control

The Building Control Unit is responsible for the circulation and approval of building plans, in terms of the National Building Regulations and Standards Act (Act 103 of 1977), for any building work to be executed on a site, i.e. the construction of new dwellings and other buildings, extensions and alterations to dwellings and other buildings, the erection of boundary walls and advertising signs, as well as the construction of swimming pools.

Building Control: Relevant Legislation / Policies

Building Plan Approval Process

The owner / architect / agent submits the building plan at the counter to the clerk who checks whether all the information as required on the plans are indicated and whether the application forms have been completed fully. Three copies of the building plan must be submitted. The plans are then handed to the building plans examiner, who calculates the scrutiny fees. The clerks then complete the invoice for the payment of the scrutiny fees which the owner / architect / agent must then pay.

On provision of proof of payment, the plan will be entered into the system. The building plans are then split into three bundles and forwarded to the different departments. Each department then comments on the plans and forward it to building control. After the receipt of all the copies of the building plans from the different departments, the plans are then circulated to the plans-examiner who will scrutinize the plan and send it back to the clerk for the compilation of the amendment- or approval letter. The owner / architect / agent will then be contacted by the clerk and be informed of the outcome of the application and be requested to collect the building plans.

If the building plan needs to be amended, the owner / architect / agent will be informed of the required amendments and that the building plan needs to be resubmitted for approval. On receipt of the amended building plan, the plan will then be re-circulated to the departments that required additional information and if these amendments were done and confirmed as such by the departments, the building plan will then be recommended for approval.

Building Inspections
Once the building plan has been approved, the clerks attach inspection slips to the plan which are then handed to the owner / architect / agent. The different inspections to be carried out are:

  • foundation trench inspection
  • drainage / sewer inspection, and
  • final inspection / occupation certificate inspection.

It is the responsibility of the owner to request the different inspections at the different stages of construction work. Requests for building inspections must be submitted two days prior to the date of inspection. Once the final inspection has been done an occupation certificate is issued on written request of the owner.

Documents and Forms

Building plan approval application
Architectural compliance certificate
Amnesty form - Building Control_2019
Building Control Inspection forms
Building Control Occupation request form


  4. 4.1 SANS10400-A  Form 1 FILL R4
    4.1 SANS10400-A  Form 2 FILL R3
    4.1 SANS10400-A  Form 3 FILL R3
    4.1 SANS10400-A  Form 4 FILL R3

Inspections and Occupancy Request

For Inspections and Occupancy Request please find the following information:

  1. Apply via email for inspection/s or occupancy request: buildingcontrolinspection@drakenstein.gov.za
  2. Subject should include: Inspection type i.e. Trench, Commencement, Demolition, Drainage, Completion or Occupancy Request.
  3. The following documents should be completed: Inspection Form and the Occupation Request Form
  4. The above documents should be completed and forrwarded to email address: buildingcontrolinspection@drakenstein.gov.za



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Service Emergency
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