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Cemeteries are filling up and suitable ground are becoming scarce. Alternative burial methods must be investigated and promoted.

Cremation is an option and families are encouraged to consider this method.

Another option is to bury family members on top of one another. What is called an extra deep grave where the first coffin is buried at a deeper level and the next one on top of that. This is usually within a family context.

A new way of thinking is to recycle graves. This is been done in most of the European counties.

This will entail a contract with the family that after twenty years the grave will fall back to authority or the family can buy the grave for another 20 years.

At the end of the contract the family must remove the headstone so that the remains can be removed and buried in a mass grave.

The grave became available to be used by somebody else.

This process will be discuss and debated at different meetings and the public will be consulted.

Pauper Burials 

Criteria & Procedure for a Pauper Burial:

1. A pauper burial can be granted if the deceased died within the Municipal Boundaries of Drakenstein Municipality (Paarl, Wellington, Saron, Hermon, Gouda, Simondium and Farms) and if the family of the deceased cannot be located and if the SAPS, including the Magistrates Court can confirm it.
2. The council can approve a pauper burial after a proper investigation has been done, and it can be proved that the family is not able to bury the deceased. Social Services and other NGO’s that are familiar with the family (of the deceased) can be approached as a reference as well as the Magistrates Court.
3. A funeral undertaker, which has been appointed by the council will do the burial at a suitable time in a cemetery within the municipal boundaries of Drakenstein
4. Only in the case of point 2, may the family or next of kin attend the burial. Council, however,  reserve the right to make a different decision.

Requests for Pauper Burials
Tel. 021 807 4557

Monday to Thursday: 07h45 - 17h00
Fridays:  07h45 - 15h45


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Life threatening
021 872 2323

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