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Mission statement

To ensure a safe, effective, uninterrupted and economical electrical engineering service to the community within the Drakenstein municipal supply area.

Office hours reception/Switchboard
021 807 4660

24 hour Complaints Centre / Customer Care
021 807 4665



Drakenstein Electro -Technical Services Division is managed by the Senior Manager, Mr. C. Geldenhuys. The Division is responsible for the supply of electricity to the Paarl, Wellington, Simondium and Klapmuts areas. Gouda, Saron and Hermon receive their electricity supply directly from ESKOM.

There are an estimated 50 708 electricity consumers within the Drakenstein area.

The Drakenstein Municipal Notified Demand with ESKOM amounts to 175 MVA per month.


Prepaid Electricity

Please find the latest Drakenstein Municipal Vendors list by clicking here.

How to register on Ontec to buy prepaid electricity via the internet - click here


Drakenstein Electricity Responsibilities

The fields of responsibility include:-

Operations, Planned Maintenance and new service supplies:
The section is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the following electrical equipment.
    • Water and sewerage pump stations.
    • Street lighting
    • Low voltage network reticulation (Overhead lines and cables)
    • High voltage network reticulation (Overhead lines and cables)
    • Medium voltage network reticulation (Overhead and cables)
    • New services (LV, HV and EHV)
    • Bulk metering (LV and HV)
    • Pre- paid metering
    • Conventional metering
    • Electrical municipal building installations
    • Electrification of housing projects
    • Informal housing electrification
    • Electrification of back yard dwellers.
    • Co – generation approvals.
    • Demand Side Management: Switching all geyser relays to shift electricity load to facilitate national grid stability.
Operations and maintenance planning
Draft planned and preventative maintenance programs for electrical assets to ensure the optimized utilization of assets and resources to fulfil the operations and maintenance obligations of the municipality.

Project Management

The management of local electrical and infrastructure programs and project implementation activities. The facilitation of backlog studies and environmental impact assessments of projects when necessary in co-ordination with other departments.

Financial Management
Responsible for project managing and administration of MIG, DORA, INEP and OPEX and CAPEX budget funding for electrical operational and capital projects.

Contract Administration
Management coordination and the administration of service agreements and contracts with contractors and consultants.

Community Liaison
Participation meetings and events in respect of projects to be expedited to ensure buy-in and long term sustainability of the projects by the community.

Job creation
Implement, EPWP job creation projects as required and provide statistical information for all projects to the EPWP Coordinator for reporting purposes.

IDP process
Co-ordination of the project identification and feasibility process between departments, in terms of the relevant IDPs.

After hours services
Provide an after- hours standby service to ensure the continuity of electrical supplies to all services.

Energy Efficiency
Carry out energy efficiency feasibility studies and implement projects to retrofit municipal buildings and infrastructure to facilitate energy reduction measures.

Alternative electrical energy and generation.
Processing of PV installation applications as required i.t.o. Safety Legislation, and approval of applicable metering and co-generation tariffs.

Smart metering
At present test sites are being prepared for a Smart Metering project to establish the effect of Time Of Use tariffs on the domestic component of the municipalities consumer base.

For your convenience, links have been provided for:-

  1. Application for the connection of embedded generation
  2. Electricity Supply by-Laws
  3.       Service application forms Eng  |  Afr


Secretary of the Senior Manager – Electro Technical Services.
Tel: 021 807 4661
Fax: 021 870 1912
Email: anthea@drakenstein.gov.za

Electro-technical Services Reception
Tel: 021 807 4660
Fax: 021 872 4074

Mr. C. Geldenhuys
Tel: 021 807 4663
Fax: 021 870 1912
Email: Charles.Geldenhuys@drakenstein.gov.za



Operations and Maintenance:
Manager: Mr. M. Fredericks
Tel: 021 8074677
Email: Marahwaan@drakenstein.gov.za

Sub-section: Substation Maintenance and Cables
Mr. J. Bence (Senior Superintendent)
Tel: 021 807 4683
Email: JacoB@drakenstein.gov.za

Responsible for:
 Maintaining all the transformers on the network
 Maintaining of all switchgear on the network
 Handling cable faults.
 Installation and maintenance of cables.

Sub-section: Overhead Lines
Mr. E. Andrews (Senior Superintendent)
Tel: 021 807 4673
Email: EmileA@drakenstein.gov.za

Responsible for:
1. Provide inspection and preventative maintenance services with regard to electricity lines.
2. Ensure sustainable electricity provisioning.

Sub-section:  Wellington and Surrounding towns
Mr. E. Erasmus (Senior Superintendent)
Tel: 021 8076294
Email: Eben.Erasmus@drakenstein.gov.za

Responsible for service in Wellington:
 Provide maintenance services with regard to electricity substations.
 Render maintenance services with regard to electricity lines and network cables in the area.
 Render electricity maintenance service in council buildings, facilities, water and sewerage pumps and streetlights.

Electrical Engineering Efficiency Management
Manager: Ms. K. Kgowe
Tel: 021 807 6379

Sub-section: Specialised Engineering Services
Mr. P. De Vries (Senior Superintendent)
Tel: 021 807 4671
Email: Paul@drakenstein.gov.za

Responsible for:
 Finding faults on cables
 Handling the SCADA network
Tracing of cable faults can only be scheduled after application for way leave has been received by the Planning section.

Sub- section: Energy – Efficiency, Demand and Alternative Energy
Mr. B. Tsobze (Chief Technician)
Tel: 021 807 4681
Email: Brice.Tsobze@drakenstein.gov.za

Responsible for:
Processes and procedures relating to Energy Efficiency, Demand and Alternative Energy in compliance with national legislation and best practice methodologies.

Sub- section: Street lighting and Facility Support Services
Mr. B. Matjan (Senior Superintendent)
Tel: 021 807 6376
Email: Bradley.Matjan@drakenstein.gov.za

Responsible for:
 Render electricity maintenance service in council buildings and facilities.
 Render electricity maintenance services with regard to water and sewerage plants and pumps.
 Render an electricity maintenance service with regard to street and traffic lights.


For English click here

For Afrikaans click here

Application for the connection of embedded generation click here

Application process - Drakenstein Guidelines for Embedded Generation click here



Tel: 021 807 7746
Fax to email: 086 645 6457
Email: LeonL@drakenstein.gov.za


Sub-section: Planning and Design
Responsible for:

Planning and preparing cost estimation for:
 New three phase connections
 Upgrades to three phase connections
 Any maintenance that needs to be done on the network.


Ms N Tshula
Tel: 021 807 4669
Fax to email: 086 606 9808
Email: Ncikazi.Tshula@drakenstein.gov.za

Mrs A Snell
Tel: 021 807 4684
Fax to email: 086 269 9587
Email: Alvihra.Snell@drakenstein.gov.za

Mr. U. Cleophas (Planner)
Tel: 021 807 4693
Email: Udo.Cleophas@drakenstein.gov.za

Mr. E. Lawrence (Planner)
Tel: 021 8074693
Email: Elden.Lawrence@drakenstein.gov.za

Sub - section: Service Connections
Responsible for the installation of:

  1.  Single phase connections
  2.  Three phase connections (conventional and pre- paid).

    Mr. M. Verhoeven
    Tel: 021 807 4667
    Email: MartinV@drakenstein.gov.za



​How to Contact Eskom

CS Online is a contact channel for Eskom customers.

The site can be accessed  from the main Eskom homepage, www.eskom.co.za, select “Customer care”, then select the CS Online link.

Access the online website directly using the web address:  http://csonline.eskom.co.za

As a valid customer, you have the following options available:

Call:  08600 37566
SMS us: 35328
Email:  customerservices@eskom.co.za
Fax:  (021) 915 2867 (WCape only)
Visit www.eskom.co.za to access CS online for self-service options.

Download the Eskom Customer Service pdf document:
click here

Emergency Numbers

Life threatening
021 872 2323

Service Emergency
021 807 4500


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