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Land Use Planning and Surveying


Land Use Planning
The purpose of land use planning is to cater for development to take place in an orderly manner, in order to
enhance the living quality of the residents, but also to cater for economic progress from a business and
industrial perspective. 

This division is responsible for the processing of land use planning/development applications such as rezonings, consent uses, land use departures, house shops and farm subdivisions. All submitted building plans are furthermore scrutinised by this division in order to ensure compliance with the land parameters applicable to the zoning of the property. This division also deals with illegal land uses.

Contact details for enquiries: Tel: 021 807 4849 | email: Joan.Arendse@drakenstein.gov.za

Zoning enquiries: Chad September Tel: 021 807 4827 | email: Chad.September@drakenstein.gov.za

Land use planning application enquiries: Joan Arendse Tel: 021 807 4849 | e-mail: Joan.Arendse@drakenstein.gov.za


Drakenstein By-law on Municipal Land Use Planning 2018

Drakenstein By-law on Municipal Land Use Planning 2018


Drakenstein Zoning Scheme By-law 2018

Drakenstein Zoning Scheme By-laws 2018


Zoning Maps

D001 Saron.pdf
D002 Gouda.pdf
D003 Hermon.pdf
D004 Wellington.pdf
D005 Wellington.pdf
D006 Wellington.pdf
D007 Wellington.pdf
D008 Windmeul.pdf
D009 Paarl North.pdf
D010 Mbekweni.pdf
D011 Paarl.pdf
D012 Paarl North.pdf
D013 Paarl.pdf
D014 Paarl.pdf
D015 Paarl.pdf
D016 Paarl South.pdf
D017 Paarl.pdf
D018 Paarl South.pdf
D019 Val de Vie.pdf

D020 Pearl Valley.pdf
D021 Simondium.pdf
D022 Bain's Kloof.pdf
D023 Drakenstein Rural.pdf
D024 Drakenstein Rural.pdf
D025 Drakenstein Rural.pdf
D026 Drakenstein Rural.pdf
Drakenstein All - Zoning Frames.pdf
Drakenstein All.pdf






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