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Spatial Planning

Spatial Planning sub-section

This sub-section is mainly responsible for the compiling, amendment and review of the municipal Spatial Development Framework (SDF) and other spatial/precinct plans in order to give support to the spatial vision and form/structure of Drakenstein Municipality.  This sub-section furthermore ensures that the spatial priorities identified in the SDF are reflected in the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and that the SDF has the desired effect on spatial targeting, spatial alignment, spatial transformation, and priority spending in the Drakenstein Municipal area.  This sub-section is also tasked with the following:

• Developing policies and strategies guiding the long term development of the Municipality;
• Providing spatial planning comments and input on land use, development and environmental applications;
• Supporting and informing future economic growth and development priorities; and
• Mainstreaming spatial planning in all sector planning initiatives in the Municipality.

Contact details

Mr Alexander Rehder
Head Town Planner:  Spatial Planning
Tel:  021 807 4813
Email:  alexander.rehder@drakenstein.gov.za

Mr Bisschoff Bosman
Senior Town Planner:  Spatial Planning
Tel:  021 807 4834
Email:  bisschoffb@drakenstein.gov.za

Mr Louis Schlechter
Town Planner:  Spatial Planning
Tel:  021 807 6236
Email:  louis.schlechter@drakenstein.gov.za



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