Spatial Planning


SDF - Proposed Amendments Report (Commenting period from 8 February 2018 to 9 April 2018)

The review of the SDF (Spatial Development Framework) and the document below have been approved by Council.
Advertised in the local newspapers for public perusal for 60 days.
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2018-02-13 DZS Summary of comments & amendments DZS Summary of comments & amendments.pdf2018-02-13 DZS Summary of comments & amendments
2018-02-15 DZS Scheme V2.2 - with plans DZS Scheme V2.2 - with plans.pdf2018-02-15 DZS Scheme V2.2 - with plans
2018-02-22 Notice - Zoning Scheme By-law_final Notice - Zoning Scheme By-law_final.pdf2018-02-22 Notice - Zoning Scheme By-law_final
D001 Saron Saron.pdfD001 Saron
D002 Gouda Gouda.pdfD002 Gouda
D003 Hermon Hermon.pdfD003 Hermon
D004 Wellington Wellington.pdfD004 Wellington
D005 Wellington Wellington.pdfD005 Wellington
D006 Wellington Wellington.pdfD006 Wellington
D007 Wellington Wellington.pdfD007 Wellington
D008 Windmeul Windmeul.pdfD008 Windmeul
D009 Paarl North Paarl North.pdfD009 Paarl North
D010 Mbekweni Mbekweni.pdfD010 Mbekweni
D011 Paarl Paarl.pdfD011 Paarl
D012 Paarl North Paarl North.pdfD012 Paarl North
D013 Paarl Paarl.pdfD013 Paarl
D014 Paarl Paarl.pdfD014 Paarl
D015 Paarl Paarl.pdfD015 Paarl
D016 Paarl South Paarl South.pdfD016 Paarl South
D017 Paarl Paarl.pdfD017 Paarl
D018 Paarl South Paarl South.pdfD018 Paarl South
D019 Val de Vie Val de Vie.pdfD019 Val de Vie
D020 Pearl Valley Pearl Valley.pdfD020 Pearl Valley
D021 Simondium Simondium.pdfD021 Simondium
D022 Bain's Kloof Bain's Kloof.pdfD022 Bain's Kloof
D023 Drakenstein Rural Drakenstein Rural.pdfD023 Drakenstein Rural
D024 Drakenstein Rural Drakenstein Rural.pdfD024 Drakenstein Rural
D025 Drakenstein Rural Drakenstein Rural.pdfD025 Drakenstein Rural
D026 Drakenstein Rural Drakenstein Rural.pdfD026 Drakenstein Rural
DMZS - Comment Form_final draft - Comment Form_final draft.pdfDMZS - Comment Form_final draft
Drakenstein All - Zoning Frames All - Zoning Frames.pdfDrakenstein All - Zoning Frames
Drakenstein All All.pdfDrakenstein All
Drakenstein Zoning Scheme-By-Law_final-draft Zoning Scheme-By-Law_final-draft
SDF Amendment Report-Public Comment 20180208 to 20180409 Amendment Report-Public Comment 20180208 to 20180409.pdfSDF Amendment Report-Public Comment 20180208 to 20180409
Zoning-By-law-Feb2018_final draft for comment draft for comment
website Planning Tribunal Agenda 7March2018_20180418 Planning Tribunal Agenda 7March2018_20180418.pdfwebsite Planning Tribunal Agenda 7March2018_20180418

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