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Level 6B Restrictions



Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 4(3) of the Water Services Act, and Section 52 of the Municipal Water Services Bylaw of 2014 that, from 16 February 2018 and until further notice, LEVEL 6B water restrictions shall apply within the Drakenstein Municipal area to limit or restrict the use of water, subject to the exemptions provided for this level 6B notice.

All water users are required to use less than 50 litres of water per person per day in total irrespective of whether you are at home, work or elsewhere.


•    Residential units consuming more than 10 500 litres per month will be prioritised for enforcement and water restrictors will be installed if consumers do not adhere to the restriction measures. Properties where the number of occupants necessitates higher consumption are encouraged to apply for an increase in quota.

• No watering/irrigation (with municipal drinking water) of flower beds, lawns, vegetables, agricultural crops, other plants, sports fields, golf courses, schools, learning institution facilities, nurseries, parks and other open spaces, nurseries and customers involved in other agricultural activities, users with historical gardens etc. is allowed

• No watering/irrigation (with municipal drinking water) of sports fields, parks, etc. by internal City departments except if non-drinking water is used. When non-drinking water is used, it shall only be upon agreement of days and times with the Water Services Branch of the Drakenstein Municipality (DM).

• The use of borehole water for outdoor purposes is discouraged in order to preserve groundwater resources. All boreholes and well points must be registered with the Drakenstein Municipality and must display the official signage (with permit number) clearly visible from a public thoroughfare.

• The use of borehole/wellpoint water for outdoor purposes, including watering/ irrigating and filling/topping up of swimming pools, is strongly discouraged in order to preserve groundwater resources in the current dire drought situation. Borehole/wellpoint water should rather be used for toilet flushing.

• Use of treated effluent/greywater/rainwater/other non-drinking water for toilet flushing is encouraged.

• All properties where alternative, non-drinking water resources are used (including rain water harvesting, grey water re-use, treated effluent water and spring water) must display signage to this effect clearly visible from a public thoroughfare.

• Customers are strongly encouraged to install water efficient parts, fittings and technologies to minimise water use at all taps, showerheads and other plumbing components.

• No washing or hosing down of hard-surfaced or paved areas with municipal drinking water is allowed. (Users, such as abattoirs, food processing industries, care facilities, animal shelters and other industries or facilities with special needs must apply for exemption.)

• No topping up (manually or automatically) or filling of swimming pools are allowed, even if fitted with a pool cover. (This include any new swimming pool or pool that has undergone repair work).

• No washing of vehicles, trailers, caravans or boats using municipal drinking water are allowed. Vehicles and boats must be washed with non-drinking water or waterless products.

• All consumers are encourage to install rain harvesting tanks connected to roof downpipes on their properties where possible.

• The use of water from municipal potable water mains for cooling off of any roof area is prohibited.

• The use of municipal drinking water for ornamental water fountains or water features is prohibited.

• Residents are requested to stock between 2 – 5 litres per person for drinking and basic hygiene at all times.

• Water supplied by the municipality remains safe to drink and is frequently tested in accordance with safety standards.

The approved level 6B water restrictions and level 6 water tariffs will be applicable from 16 February 2018.


• The use of portable or any temporary play pools are prohibited when filled with potable water.

• The new Level 6 domestic water tariffs (excluding 14% VAT) will be are as follows:

  0 - ≤  6 kl          -  R4.66/kl

 6 > to ≤ 10 kl    -  R14.60/kl

10 > to ≤15 kl    -  R36.00/kl

15 > to ≤30 kl    -  R72.00/kl

30 > to ≤50 kl    -  R106.73/kl

50 > to ≤80 kl    -  R216.58/kl

Above 80kl        -  R331.26/kl 


• No washing of vehicles, trailers, caravans, boats or similar items with municipal drinking water are allowed. Only non-drinking water or waterless products may be used.

• All non-residential properties (e.g. commercial and industrial properties, schools, clubs and institutions) must ensure that their monthly consumption of municipal drinking water is reduced by 45% compared to the corresponding period in 2015 (pre drought).

• Customers are strongly encouraged to install water efficient parts, fittings and technologies to minimise water use at all taps, showerheads and other water using devices. The use of borehole water is encouraged.

• Abattoirs and places where food are prepared or truck covers are cleaned for the transport of food must apply for exemption. Exemption will be considered only where more than 50% of the water are saved or recycled in the cleaning process.

• Commercial/industrial users are encouraged to promote water-saving habits among staff.

• No manual/automatic top-up of swimming pools with potable water is allowed.

• Operating spray parks with potable water is prohibited.

• Golf courses, sport facilities, parks, schools, learning institutions, etc. are not allowed to establish any new landscaping or sports fields, except if irrigated only with non-drinking water.

• For users supplied with water in terms of special contracts (notarial deeds, water service intermediaries or water service providers), the contract conditions shall apply.

• All agricultural users must ensure that their monthly consumption of municipal drinking water is reduced by 60% compared to the corresponding period in 2015 (pre drought).

All exemptions issued under Level 2 to 6 water restrictions are hereby withdrawn and re-application will not be considered unless otherwise in accordance with the above.

Consumers should also note that water pressure will be reduced further in the reticulation systems to minimize water leaks and as such will cause intermittent reduction in water supply.

Note:  Any person who contravenes the provisions of this notice is guilty of an offence in terms of Section 124 of the municipal Water Services Bylaw of 2014 and is liable to payment of a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred Rand per contravention or imprisonment or both. (Fine to be confirmed). The restriction of flow and/or supply pressure to the property/developments in question may also be installed at the cost of the consumer.







Kennis geskied hiermee ingevolge Artikel 4(3) van die Waterdienste Wet en Artikel 52 van die Munisipale Waterdienste Verordeninge, 2014 dat, ten einde water te beperk of in te perk, VLAK 6B waterbeperkings van toepassing sal wees vanaf 16 Februarie 2018 tot verdere kennisgewing binne die Drakenstein Munispale area onderworpe aan sekere vrystellings soos beskryf in hierdie vlak 6B kennisgewing.

 Van alle waterverbruikers word vereis om onmiddelik minder as 50 liters per persoon per dag te gebruik, ongeag of die gebruik huishoudelik, by die werkplek of elders geskied.


• Huishoudings wat meer as 10 500 liters per maand gebruik, sal geprioritseer word vir wetstoepassing en water beperkings meganismes sal geinstalleer word. Eiendomme waar die getal inwoners `n hoër waterverbruik noodsaak word aangemoedig om vir `n hoër kwota per eiendom aansoek te doen.

• Geen besproeiing/natlei (vanaf munispale drinkwaternetwerk) van blombeddings, grasperke, groentetuine, landbougewasse, sportgronde, gholfbane, skole, onderwysinstellings, kwekerye, parke en ander openbare oopruimtes, verbruikers betrokke by ander landbou-aktiwieteite, verbruikers met geskiedkundige tuine, ens word toegelaat nie.

• Geen besproeiing/natlei (vanaf munispale drinkwaternetwerk) van sportvelde, parke, ens. deur interne Munisipale departemente sal toegelaat word nie, behalwe as nie-munisipale water gebruik word. Nie-drinkbare water mag net gebruik word op tye en dae soos met die Waterdienste Afdeling van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit (DM) ooreengekom is.

• Die gebruik van boorgat water vir  tuinmaak doeleindes word ontmoedig om daardeur grondwaterbronne te bewaar. Alle boorgate en putte moet geregistreer word by Drakenstein Munisipaliteit en moet die amptelike kennisgewings (met permit nommer) wat die alternatiewe bron aandui vertoon, in so ‘n posisie dat dit duidelik sigbaar is vanaf ‘n publieke deurgang.

• Verbruikers word aangemoedig om eerder van behandelde rioolwater/gryswater/reënwater of enige nie-munisipale water gebruik te maak om toilet spoelbakke aan te vul.

• Die gebruik van boorgat/putwater vir buitemuurse gebruik, ingesluit die water/besproeiing en vul/aanvul van swembadens word sterk afgeraai om sodoende ondergrondse bronne ten tye van die erge droogte, te bewaar. Boorgatwater/putwater moet eerder gebruik word vir die spoel van toilette.

• Die gebruik van behandelde rioolwater/gryswater/reënwater vir die spoel van toilette word aangemoedig.

• Alle eiendomme waar alternatiewe nie-munisipale water gebruik word, (ingesluit reënwatertenks, gryswater hergebruik, gesuiwerde rioolwater en fonteinwater) moet`n kennisgewing wat die alternatiewe bron aandui vertoon in so ‘n posisie dat dit duidelik sigbaar is vanaf ‘n publieke deurgang.

• Vebruikers word aangeraai om effektiewe watertoerusting, bybehore en tegnologie te gebruik wat watervermorsing/gebruik sal beperk. Dit sluit stortkoppe, krane en ander waterbesparingstoestelle in.

• Geen was of afspuit van verharde of geplaveide areas met munisipale drinkwater word toegelaat nie. (Gebruikers soos abattoirs en plekke wat kos voorberei of besighede wat vragmotorseile voorberei vir die vervoer van voedsel en verbruikers met spesiale vereistes byvoorbeeld versorgings- en dierebeskermingsfasiliteite moet aansoek doen vir vrystelling.)

• Die aanvul of volmaak (per tuinslang of automatiese stelsel) van swembaddens, selfs swembaddens met `n seilbedekking, met munisipale water word verbied. Die beperking geld ook vir die opvul van enige nuwe swembad of `n swembad wat herstel is.

• Die was en afspoel van voertuie, sleepwaens en bote met munisipale drinkwater word verbied. Verbruikers word aangeraai om eerder

reënwater of enige nie-munisipale water of waterlose middels te gebruik.

• Alle gebruikers word aangemoedig om reënwater tenks gekoppel aan afloopgeute op hulle eiendomme te installeer.

• Die gebruik van munisipale drinkwater vir die afkoeling van enige dakoppervlakte, word verbied.

• Die gebruik van munisipale drinkwater vir ornamentele fonteine en waterfokuspunte word verbied.

• Inwoners word versoek om tussen  2 – 5 liter drinkwater per person, vir drink en higiëniese doeleindes te alle tye gereed te hou

• Water voorsien deur die munisipaliteit bly drinkbaar, voldoen aan veiligheidstandaarde en word op `n gereelde basis getoets.

Die goedgekeurde vlak 6B water beperkings en vlak 6 tariewe sal vanaf 16 Februarie 2018 van toepassing wees.


• Die gebruik van verskuifbare of tydelike speel swembaddens word verbied, waar dit aangevul word met munisipale drinkwater.

• Die nuwe huishoudelike vlak 6 water tariewe (14% BTW uitgesluit) is as volg:

 0 - ≤  6 kl          -  R4.66/kl

6 > to ≤ 10 kl    -  R14.60/kl

10 > to ≤15 kl   -  R36.00/kl

15 > to ≤30 kl   -  R72.00/kl

30 > to ≤50 kl   -  R106.73/kl

50 > to ≤80 kl   -  R216.58/kl

Above 80kl       -  R331.26/kl 


• Die was van voertuie, sleepwaens, karavane, bote of soortgelyke toerusting met munisipale drinkwater word verbied. Voertuie, sleepwaens, karavane, bote en toerusting moet met nie-drinkbare water of waterlose middels gewas word.

• Abattoirs en plekke wat kos voorberei of besighede wat vragmotorseile voorberei vir die vervoer van voedsel moet aansoek doen vir vrystelling. Vrystelling sal per aansoek oorweeg word indien meer as 50% van die water herwin of bespaar word tydens die wasproses.

• Alle eiendomme (bv. besighede, fakbrieks persele, skole klubs,en inrigtings) moet verseker dat water verbruik met 45% of meer ingekort word, vergeleke met tydperk voor die 2015 droogte se begin. Vebruikers word aangeraai om effektiewe watertoerusting, bybehore en tegnologie te gebruik wat watervermorsing/gebruik sal beperk. Dit sluit stortkoppe, krane en ander waterbesparingstoestelle in. Die gebruik van boorgatwater word aangemoedig.

• Besighede en industrieë word aangemoedig om waterbesparende gewoontes by hul werknemers aan te kweek.

• Die aanvul of volmaak (outomaties of per pyp) van swembaddens met munisipale drinkwater, word verbied.

• Die bedryf van waterfokuspunte en waterspeelpoele word verbied, waar dit aangevul of bedryf word met munisipale water.

• Gholfbane, sportfasiliteite, parke, skole en onderwysinstellings word verbied om nuwe landskapperingsareas en sportvelde te ontwikkel, behalwe as die areas met nie-drinkbare water besproei word.

• Verbruikers met spesiale ooreenkomste (notariële aktes en water tussengangers) se kontrakvoorwaardes sal geldig wees.

• Verbruikers wat munisipale water vir landbou doeleindes aanwend moet moet verseker dat water verbruik met 60% of meer ingekort word, vergeleke met tydperk voor die 2015 droogte se begin.

Alle vrystellings wat voorsien was onder vlak 2 tot 6 waterbeperkings word hiermee opgehef met onmiddelike effek en geen nuwe vrystelling sal oorweeg word, indien dit nie in ooreenstemming is met die regulasies soos bo genoem is nie.

 Verbruikers moet kennis neem dat die waterdruk in die retikulasiestelsel verdere verlaag gaan word om lekkasies te verminder wat die watertoevoer sal beinvloed.

 Nota:  Enige persoon wie die bepalings van hierdie kennisgewing oortree, is skuldig aan ‘n misdryf ingevolge Artikel 124 van die Munisipalewaterdiensteverordening van 2014 en is strafbaar met ‘n boete van hoogstens twee duisend vyf honderd Rand per oortreding of gevangenisstraf, of beide.(Boete bedrag om bevestig te word). ‘n Vloeibeperking en/of drukvermindering toestel kan ook aangebring word op die wateraansluiting na so ‘n perseel, op die koste van die verbruiker.





Kukhutshwa isaziso ngokwemiqathango yeCandelo 4(3) loMthetho weeNkonzo zaManzi, kunyene Candelo 52 loMthetho kaMasipala zaManzi wama-2014 sokokuba, ukususela  ngomhla wo 16 EyoMdumba (February) 2018 kude kukutshwe esinye isaziso, kunyinwa okanye kuthintelwe ukusetyenziswa kwamanzi, kuxhonyekekwe kwesi saziso, izithintelo zamanzi ezikwinqanaba lesi-6B ziya kusebenza kummandla waMasipala waseDrakenstein:

Bonke abasebenzisi manzi bayacelwa ngoku ukuba mabasebenzise ilitha ezi 50 zamanzi kumntu ngamnye ngemini nokuba usendlini, emsebenzini okanye nokubakuphi na.


• Iyunithi zokuhlala ezidlula i10500 ilitha ngenyanga ziya kubeka phambili ukunyanzeliswa kunye nemimiselo yamanzi iyakufuneka ukuba abathengi bengahambelani nemilinganiselo yokuthintela. Iipropathi apho inani labahlali lifuna ukuphakama okuphezulu kukhuthazwa ukuba bafake isicelo sokwandiswa kwesahlulo.

• Akusayi kubakho lunkcenkceshelo luvunyelwayo lwenziwe ngamanzi okusela kamasipala. Oku kubandakanya ukunkcenkceshelwa kweentyatyambo, amabala anengca echetywayo, imifuno, izityalo zolimo, ezinye izityalo, amabala avelekileyo. (Imizi ethengisa izityalo nemithi kunye nabathengi ababandakanyekayo kwimisebenzi yezolimo okanye kwizitya zembali banakho ukwenza isicelo sokukhululwa.

• Umasipala uyakuba nakho ukunkcenkceshela amabala emidlalo, iipaki, iziqithi, njalonjalo. Ngokusebenzisa amanzi angengawo awokusela kuphela yaye ngesivumelwano ngeentsuku namaxesha kunye neSebe leeNkonzo zaManzi.

• Amaziko/abathengi abasebenzisa amanzi sitsala-manzi, amanzi amdaka omjelo anyangiweyo, amanzi omthombo okanye iqula bayakhuthazwa okokuba bangankcenkcesheli kwisithuba seentsuku ezisixhenxe emva kokuna kwemvula ethe yabonelela ngokufumana okwaneleyo.

• Yonke imingxunya yesitsala-manzi kunye namaqula kufuneka abhaliswe kuMasipala yaye kufuneka kubekwe ibhodi esemthethweno ebonisa oko (kunye nenombolo yemvume) icace ibonwe ngohamba ngendlela.

• Uya khathazwa ukuba ugungxule izindlu zangasese (ngesandla ngokusebenzisa ibhakethi) ngamanzi amdaka, ngamanzi emvula okanye nawaphi na amanye amanzi angaselwayo.

• Zonke izakhiwo apho kusetyenziswa amanzi angamanye, kusetyenziswa izibonelelo zamanzi angenakuselwa (kubandakanywa amanzi emvula kwisivuno, amanzi amdaka asele esetyenziswe, amanzi amdaka omjelo anyangiweyo kunye namanzi omthombo) kufuneka kubekwe ibhodi esemthethweno ebonisa oko icace ibonwe ngohamba ngendlela.

• Akusayi kuhlanjwa okanye kusetyenziswe umbhobho kumgangatho wesemente, kwiindonga, kuphahla okanye imimandla enomphezulu ogangathiweyo (opheyiweyo) kusetyenziswa amanzi kamasipala okuya kuvunyelwa.(Abasebenzisi, abafana namaziko okuxhela, amashishini aguqula ukutya , amaziko ololongo, iindawo ezigcina izilwanyana kunye namanye amashishini okanye amaziko anesidingo ezizodwa anakho ukwenza isicelo sokokhululwa. (Khangela apha ngasezantsi inkqubo yokwenziwa kwesicelo).

• Akuvumelekanga ukugcwaliswa kwamachibi okubhukuda ngamanzi kamasipala nokuba afakwe kwisikhuselo sekhumba.( Oku kubandakanya naliphi na ichibi lokubhukuda elitsha okanye elilungisiweyo).

• Akuvumelekanga ukuhlanjwa kwezithuthi,iinqanawa kusetyenziswa amanzi okusela kaMasipala. Izithuthi nenqanawa kufuneka zihlanjwe ngamanzi amdaka okanye nangawaphi na amanzi angaselwayo

• Bonke abathengi bayakhuthazwa ukuba bafake amatanki okuvuna imvula aqhakamsheleyo eluphahleni lwezakhiwo zabo apho kunokwenzeka

• Ukusetyenziswa kwamanzi avela kwimithombo yamanzi okusela kamasipala kusenzelwa ukupholisa nawuphi na ummandla wophahlo akuvumelekanga.

• Ukusetyenziswa kwamanzi okusela kamasipala kusenzelwa imifanekiso  eqingqiweyo yamaqula amanzi akuvumelekanga.

•  Abahlali bayacelwa ukuba bagcine umyinge ongaka nge -2 ukuya ku-5 welitha ngamnye umntu okusela kunye nococeko olusisiseko ngamaxesha onke.

• Amanzi anikwa ngumasipala ahlala ekhuselekileyo ukusela kwaye ahlala evivinywa ngokuhambelana nemigangatho yokhuseleko

Izithintelo zamanzi ezamkelweyo zenqanaba 6B, Ziyakubangela ukunyuswa kwerhafu kwinqanaba 6 (level 6)  yamanzi okuya kuqala ukusebenza ukususela 16 EyoMdumba (February) 2018 .


• Ukusetyenziswa kwedama elingesiso isigxina okanye amadama okudlala akuvumelekanga.

• Irhafu yasekhaya(ingekafakwa iRhafu ntengo ye 14%) iyakusebenza kwinqanaba 6 ngokwesithintelo ngokulandelayo

   0 - ≤  6 kl           - R4.66/kl

          6 > to ≤ 10 kl    - R14.60/kl

10 > to ≤15 kl     - R36.00/kl

 15 > to ≤30 kl   - R72.00/kl

 30 > to ≤50 kl    - R106.73/kl

 50 > to ≤80 kl     - R216.58/kl

 Above 80kl         - R331.26/kl  


• Akusayi kuvunyelwa ukuhlanjwa zimoto, iinqwelo ezirhuqwayo, iikharavani okanye izikhephe kusetyenziswa amanzi okusela kamasipala ngaphandle kwalapho kunikezelwe khona imvume yokukhululwa.

• Ukusetyenziswa kwezigqubuthelo zedama ezilungiselelwe amadama okuqubha oluntu kuya khuthazwa kakhulu apho kunakho ukuba kwenziwe.

• Akusayi kuvunyelwa izixokelelwano zokuzalisa ezizenzekalayo ezilungiselelwe amadama okuqubha.

• Ukusetyenziswa kwezifefezi zamanzi kwiipaka akuvumelekanga.

• Abathengi/amaziko kufuneka afakele amalungu okulondoloza amanzi, izixokomezelelo netheknoloji ukunciphisa ukusetyenziswa kwamanzi kuzo zonke iitephu, iintloko zeshawa nawo onke amacandelo emibhobho yamanzi kwiindawo zikawonke wonke nokuhambelana nazo zonke iimfuno zoMthetho kaMasipala.

• Amabala egalufa, amaziko emidlalo, iipaki, izikolo namaziko emfundo awavumelekanga ukwenza imbonakalo entsha yomhlaba (landscaping) okanye amabala emidlalo, ngaphandle kokuba ankcenkceshelwa kuphela ngamanzi angengawo awokusela.

• Ukulungiselela abasebenzisi abanikezwa amanzi ngokuhambelana nezivumelwano ezizodwa (iincwadi zezigqibo ezifungelweyo okanye oonozakuzaku benkonzo yamanzi), imiqathango yesivumelwano iyakusebenza.

Konke ukukhululwa okunikezelwe phantsi kwenqanaba lesi-4 lwezithintelo kuyarhoxiswa ngoko nangoko yaye ukwenziwa kwesicelo ngokutsha akusayi kuvunyelwa ngaphandle koku kuchazwe apha ngasentla.

Abathengi kufuneka baqaphele ngokunjalo into yokokuba unxinzelelo lwamanzi lunokuncitshiswa kwizixokelelwano ezinjengomnatha ukunciphisa ukuvuza kwamanzi yaye oko kuya kubangela unqunyanyiso kunikezelo lwamanzi.

Qaphela: Nawuphi na umntu owaphula ezi zibonelelo zesi saziso uya kuba nobutyala bolwaphulo-mthetho ngokuhambelana neCandelo 124 loMthetho kaMasipala weeNkonzo zaManzi zikamasipala wama-2014 yaye uya kuthwala uuxanduva lokuhlawula isohlwayo esingagqithanga kumawaka amabini anamakhulu amahlanu eerandi ngolwaphulo mthetho ngalunye kunye/okanye ukuthintelwa kokuqukuqela kwamanzi kunye/okanye uxinzelelo lokuqukuqela kwamanzi kwipropati/kwisakhiwo ekuthethwa ngaso.



Emergency Numbers

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021 872 2323

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021 807 4500


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