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About ​Us​

​​ ​​Vision

A city of excellence

Drakenstein Municipality will execute its vision through the following:



  • Transpa​rency;

  • Excellence;

  • Responsiveness;

  • Accountability;

  • Accessibility; and

  • Integrity


What does the new Drakenstein Municipality logo symbolise?

Adopted on 24 August 2017 by the Drakenstein Municipal Council, Drakenstein Municipality’s new logo represents excellence empowered by unity:

  • The dark blue ridges in the outer frame symbolise Drakenstein’s mountain ranges.

  • The lighter blue crescents represent the Berg River as well as the Drakenstein Valley nestled between the mountain ranges.

  • The smaller green crescents signify growth, development and agriculture.

  • The figure in the centre embodies achievement and excellence. It is also a depiction of the late President Nelson Mandela who took his first steps of freedom in Drakenstein and passed on a legacy of reconciliation and selfless dedication to service to the community.