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The Cemeteries section maintains and manages numerous cemeteries in the Drakenstein municipal area. Approximately half of these cemeteries can be used for new burials, and the remaining cemeteries are either full or dormant. The two most common options for interment are burial and cremation.


Burials and cremations

Drakenstein has regulations in place to ensure that the body or your loved one is treated with care. Our laws and regulations for burial take into consideration the practices and beliefs of religious and cultural groups.

We may set aside certain sections in our cemeteries for members of a specific faith, religion or cultural group. This occurs when the burial requirements of a group include an arrangement of graves that is different to the standard layout of our cemeteries.



When planning a funeral, the law states that you must be assisted by an undertaker, who can help you with the practical challenges. All undertakers are officially registered with Drakenstein. They will guide you through all of the legalities of declaring a death, arranging a burial and paying the cemetery booking office.


Funeral undertakers help with:

• selecting a coffin;

• buying a grave;

• preparing the body for burial;

• transporting the body;

• organising all of the official documentation required on your behalf;

• organising flowers for the funeral, if possible; and

• sending the remains of your loved one to other parts of the country, or overseas, if required.


What is cremation?

During cremation, a person's remains are reduced to ash when exposed to high temperatures and vaporisation. Cremation is becoming a preferred choice for many families due to its reduced cost compared with burial expenses.

Please note: You will need special permission to be present at the crematorium during cremation. Speak to your undertaker who can apply for permission on your behalf, at an added cost.


Hero’s Acre

The Heroes' Acre is a section of Parys Cemetery in Paarl. It contains the graves of renowned citizens and public figures. The hero’s acre is Drakenstein is divided between different types of hero’s such a war veterans, sport hero’s and community activists. It is the last home and resting place of a number of historical figures including Thinus Linee and Reverent Maart.


Making arrangements

Contact a funeral parlour of your choice. They will apply for the cremation or burial, and perform the ceremony according to your wishes.

Cemetery booking office opening hours:

Monday to Thursday

08:00 – 16:45


Reburials and exhumations

If your loved one is buried in a graveyard in Drakenstein, you can move their remains to:

• another section of the same graveyard;

• another graveyard in Drakenstein; or

• another graveyard anywhere in the world.

If their remains are buried outside of Drakenstein, you can also apply for permission to move these remains to a burial site in one of Drakenstein graveyards.

Please note:

• An exhumation can only proceed when written approval and notification is received from the Provincial Department of Health, as well as from Drakenstein and from the Head or Principal Environmental Health Practitioner.

• Proof is required that a competent and reliable undertaker will perform the exhumation and reburial in a manner that will not create conditions that are either offensive or that will pose a health risk.


Criteria & Procedure for a Pauper Burial:

1. A pauper burial can be granted if the deceased died within the Municipal Boundaries of Drakenstein Municipality (Paarl, Wellington, Saron, Hermon, Gouda, Simondium and Farms), if the family of the deceased cannot be located, and if the SAPS, including the Magistrates Court can confirm it.

2. The council can approve a pauper burial after a proper investigation has been done, and it can be proved that the family is not able to bury the deceased. Social Services and other NGO’s that are familiar with the family (of the deceased) can be approached as a reference as well as the Magistrates Court.

3. A funeral undertaker, which has been appointed by the council, will do the burial at a suitable time in a cemetery within the municipal boundaries of Drakenstein

4. Only in the case of point 2, may the family or next of kin attend the burial. Council, however, reserve the right to make a different decision.


Requests for Pauper Burials

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Monday to Thursday: 08:00 - 16:45

Fridays:  08:00 - 15:30

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