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​Executive Director: Community Services
Gerald Esau

Mr Gerald Esau, the Executive Director: Community Services, communicator, motivator and community guardian, brings a wealth of experience to his portfolio, spanning 25 years' service in local government, of which 20 years have been in senior management and executive positions.

He has obtained an impressive array of qualifications, all of which he completed in pursuit of excellence in the various portfolios he has occupied over the years.

Mr Esau completed his Certificate in Grafting and Budding with the Department of Agriculture in 1995, followed by a National Diploma in Horticulture at the then Peninsula Technicon in 1996. These qualifications stood him in good stead in his position as Sectional Head: Parks and Recreation, and Chief Horticulturist, while working at the Manguang Local Municipality, from 1997 to 2007.​


​Executive Director: Community Services
Gerald Esau

He subsequently completed a BTech in Business Administration at the Central University of Technology of Free State in 2003, followed by a BTech Project Management with honours. from the same institution in 2006, both of which prepared him well for his move to Stellenbosch Municipality where he held the position of Community Services Manager until November 2018.

Mr Esau joined Drakenstein Municipality in December 2018, where he assumed the demanding role of Executive Director: Community Services, a multi-faceted portfolio which includes a diverse array of functional areas, including Parks and Recreation, Sport, Cemeteries, Solid Waste and Landfill Management, Community Development, Libraries, Public Safety, Fire Services and Traffic Services.

He sees his core function as being the provision of strategic leadership and managerial oversight of all functional matters relating to the operations of the Community Services Department, ensuring alignment  of all activities of his department with the Municipality’s strategic objectives and priorities.

This, in turn, ensures value-added, efficient service delivery of all sections in the Community Services Department to enable and support sustainable growth and development, in accordance with the Municipality’s Vision 2032.


Personal Assistant
Angeline Erenstzen
Phone: (021) 807 6348
Contact us: customercare@drakenstein.gov.za


This department consists of the following divisions:

  • Traffic Law Enforcement
    Traffic Law Enforcement
    Licensing Services

  • Municipal Law Enforcement
    Law Enforcement and Pounds
    Security and Joint Operations

  • Fire Services
    Fire Safety and Disaster Management
    Fire and Rescue Operations

  • Parks and Open Spaces
    Parks Paarl East
    Parks North
    Parks Paarl Central and Pest Control 

  • Sport and Recreation

  • Cemetries and Resorts

  • Social Services
    Social Development
    Library and Information Services

  • Solid Waste and Landfill Management
    Solid Waste Planning and Compliance Management
    Solid Waste Operational Management