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​​Vacancy Application Form - hard copy application

HR Application form click here

Tariffs 2022 - 2023

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​IDP 2022 – 2023


Budget 2022 - 2023

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PAIA - Access to Information - Application Form

Drakenstein Integrated Human Settlements Plan

Drakenstein Integrated Human Settlements Plan

Applications for subsidy for upgrading of rural services - Farm Workers Housing

Subsidy Application Forms (Eng)
Subsidie Aansoek Vorms (Afr)

Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) Public Consultation Process 2020

MDB2020 A0_Drakenstein Local Mun (WC023).pdf
MDB2020 A0_Drakenstein.pdf
MDB2020 Ministers Publication_National Gazette No. 42568_967.pdf
MDB2020 Public Meetings_Stakeholder_Ward Delimitation_20191220.pdf
MDB2020 Sample_Provincial Gazette.pdf
MDB2020 Ward Submission Forms.pdf
MDB2020 Ward Size_Western Cape as per publication_20190807.pdf
MDB2020 WC Gazette_determination of number of councillors at mun_20190807.pdf
MDB2020 WC023_Drakenstein_Local_Municipality.pdf


Draft Wards_WC023_Ward1.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward2.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward3.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward4.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward5.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward6.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward7.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward8.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward9.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward10.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward11.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward12.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward13.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward14.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward15.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward16.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward17.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward18.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward19.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward20.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward21.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward22.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward23.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward24.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward25.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward26.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward27.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward28.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward29.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward30.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward31.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward32.pdf
Draft Wards_WC023_Ward33.pdf
WC023_Schedule_Draft set1_December 2019.pdf

Building Control

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Drakenstein Draft Integrated Economic Growth Strategy (IEGS)​​ 
Public Comment

Advert IEGS Eng
Advert IEGS Afri
Drakenstein Draft Integrated Economic Growth Strategy_IEGS - Public Comment doc 


Events Application

Please find the following documents:
  1. DM Event Application cover page
  2. Events Permit Application Forms rev2 **new**
  3. Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act 2/2010 - Section 6 (3) Application.
  4. Drakenstein Event Support_v2 Application.
  5. Event Categorisation Schedule

For all events within the Drakenstein Municipal area the following contact details should be used.
021 807 4641
021 807 4558​
Email address: