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Executive Mayor

Executive Mayor:
Stephen Korabie

Councillor Stephen Korabie has been elected and sworn in as the new Executive Mayor of Drakenstein Municipality​ at a Special Council meeting held on 5 April 2024 in the Wellington Town Hall.

Councillor Korabie has been serving as a Proportional Representative (PR) Councillor for the Democratic Alliance (DA)​ for Drakenstein Municipality as well as the Cape Winelands District Municipality since 2022. He holds a BA degree and a BA Honours degree in criminology at the University of South Africa, as well as a master’s degree in public administration at the University of Pretoria. 

He is vastly experienced in the field of correctional services – from starting as a Correctional Officer in 1977 to holding the position of Regional Commissioner: Correctional Services (Western Cape) in 1999.


​Executive Mayor:
Stephen Korabie

 During his tenure at the Department of Correctional  Services, he achieved a Gold Cross award for outstanding service.​ 

The newly elected Executive Mayor grew up, went to school and resides today with his wife, Odette, children and   grandchildren in Wellington.

In his maiden speech he thanked the community for preparing him for this position over 35 years and his family for  patiently sharing him with the community. “You have taught me the value of compassion and that is what I will give back to you,” he said.

Holding values such as integrity, honesty and discipline in high regard, Councillor Korabie said the baton had now  been passed onto him for taking Drakenstein Municipality, “one of the greatest and most beautiful cities”,
to even greater heights.

“The people of Drakenstein deserve the best and I want to make sure you get just that,” the Executive Mayor concluded.