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​​​Fire, Rescue and Disaster Management

​​Fire, Rescue and Disaster Ma​nagement


“To serve our community by providing effective emergency response services and quality prevention and education programmes that will minimize the loss of life and property resulting from fires and other emergencies”

Drakenstein Fire Department Direction Strategy 2020 – 2025 considering the Municipal key Performance Areas, the Drakenstein Fire and Rescue Service has its own output group that likes core functions with outcomes.


Functional Sections:

Fire Safety and Disaster Management
Fire and Rescue Operations


Fire Safety and Disaster Management

Management and Administration: Responsible for the management and administration of the Fire and Rescue Service and functions include: Financial management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Operational Management and General Administration.

Training: The Drakenstein Municipality is accredited as a Fire Training Centre and provides professional firefighting training to all appointed Fire Service personnel and to neighbouring fire services. The training centre also complements other accredited training centres in the region. The objective of continuous training is to improve the skills and development of the firefighting personnel in order to provide a professional service to the communities we serve.

Support services: Operating a 24/7 Control room with computerised emergency control and dispatch software. Vehicle and asset management as well as the effective implementation of Occupational Health and Safety programmes/procedures as legislatively required.

Managed by:   Mr. D. Damons : Manager: Fire, Rescue and Disaster management services.

Contact  numbers:    021 807 4853​

Cell number:           082 415 9342


Fire and Rescue Operations

The division operates a 24-hour service and an emergency control centre, which responds to all incidents in the municipal area imm​ediately with targeted predetermined response times. The Fire Service has four fire stations that are located in Paarl, Wellington, Mbekweni and Saron.

Managed by: Mr. D. Peceur :Head of Fire and Rescue: Operations

Contact numbers:     021 807 4728​

Cell number:             082 454 2401


Fire Safety and Disaster Management services

Fire Safety: The primary functional responsibilities of the Fire Safety Inspectorate include regulatory fire protection law enforcement, building inspections and risk visits, building plan approvals, permit issuance, dangerous goods registration, fire cause determination and pre- fire planning.

Disaster Risk Management: Functional responsibilities involve Disaster risk assessments, annual review of the Disaster management plans, establishment of Disaster management forums, stakeholder engagements, community safety and awareness programmes and continuously focusing on institutional capacity and financial funding models.

Managed by: Mr. W. Scholtz

Contact numbers:      021 807 4548

Cell number:              082 454 2425


Fire Stations

Paarl Fire Station:              021 872 1404/1406

Mbekweni Fire Station:      021 807 4844

Wellington Fire Station:     021 807 6320/21

Saron Fire Station:            021 807 4700

Emergency Number:         021 872 2323