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​​Division: Housing Projects and Technical Support


The Division: Housing Projects and Technical Support is responsible for addressing the housing needs of vulnerable people within the Drakenstein Municipality by:

• Facilitating access to housing opportunities catering for a variety of housing clients with a household income ranging between R0 - R22 000;

• Prioritizing special needs groups (pensioners/people with disabilities) in terms of Council’s Housing Allocation and Selection Policy; and

•  Develop a short to long term Human Settlement Plan and Strategy for Drakenstein (as basis for planning human settlement/housing developments)/

• Planning and Implementing a range of housing delivery mechanisms through:

•  Fostering Partnerships to provide houses in the affordable and GAP market;

• Continuous program to rollout the Upgrade of Informal Settlements;

• Development of rental opportunities via its social housing program;

• Provision of fully subsidized housing via its IRDP program;

• Rectification and completion of incomplete projects;

• Rollout of title deeds program (Title Deed Restoration) to eradicate the backlog of title deeds that has not been registered at the Deeds Office; and

• A support service to beneficiaries of State assisted housing.

Contact details: Housing Projects and Technical Support

Senior Manager: Mr Faarieg Rhoda

Tel. 021 807 6398

Manager: Mr Cupido Jacobs

Tel. 021 807 6397

General enquiries

Chantell Lewis - Tel: 021 807 6398

Beneficiary Administration Enquiries

Agnetha Hansen - Tel: 021 807 6396

Leona Thomas - Tel: 021 807 6394

Nicole Goliath - Tel: 021 807 7726

Marilyn May - Tel: 021 807 7727

Housing Projects: Title Deeds Administration enquiries

Lynn Andrews - Tel: 021 807 6392

Financial enquiries

Mr. Sariedien Crook - Tel: 021 807 6343

Housing Projects:  Technical related enquiries

Yanga Mtsotso - Tel: 021 807 8512​


Drakenstein Integrated Human Settlements Plan


Drakenstein Integrated Human Settlements Plan