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​​​​​​​​​​Investment Area Management

​ ​​The Investment Area Management function was established with a view to retain and attract investment into Drakenstein that will result in job rete​ntion and economic growth.

The objectives of this function are as follows:

 1.1 Facilitate an integrated approach to urban management in pre-determined investment areas;

 1.2 Strengthen the investment areas position to retain and attract investment;

 1.3 Support local role players to activate investment areas to facilitate economic growth;

 1.4 Facilitate the ease of doing and streamline access to required municipal services;

 1.5 Build the municipality’s image; and

 1.6 Boost business confidence and strengthen the municipality’s relationship with the business community.


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Contact details

Mr Timmy Cloete

Tel: 021 807 4590

E-mail: Timotheus.Cloete@drakenstein.gov.za