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Keep track of water and electricity consumption with new My Municipal Meter app

01 February 2024 | Press Releases

1 February 2024 

Residents from Drakenstein (covering Paarl, Wellington, Mbekweni, Gouda, Hermon, Saron and Simondium) in the Western Cape can now keep track of their water and electricity consumption by registering their meter readings directly on Drakenstein Municipality’s brand-new My Municipal Meter app.

By submitting photographs of their readings conveniently from their smartphones, both the Municipality and the resident will have photographic evidence, ensuring 100% accurate billing and quality control. All their historic meter readings will also be available on the app for them to refer to. 

The Municipality is excited to announce the official launch of its My Municipal Meter app today (1 February 2024), as it allows for direct integration of the readings with the Municipality’s financial billing system. Another advantage is that no one needs to enter residents’ properties to access their meters to do manual readings.

“With technology advancing rapidly around the world, Drakenstein Municipality is consistently exploring new ways of streamlining the collection of data to ensure that residents receive timely and accurate monthly municipal accounts,” says Alderman Conrad Poole, Executive Mayor of the Municipality.

Over the past few years, Drakenstein Municipality has been inundated with requests from residents who wish to submit their meter readings personally and directly to the Municipality. This is now possible thanks to its user-friendly, hassle-free My Municipal Meter app.

Previously residents could submit their readings telephonically, via e-mail, WhatsApp, or via an online meter reading portal. This information then had to be entered manually into the Municipality’s financial billing system, allowing for human error at times which could result in incorrect billing. With its new app, which feeds these readings directly into an integrated system, the Municipality can ensure 100% accurate billing.

Residents can download the My Municipal Meter app from the Google Playstore, Apple Appstore, or the Huawei AppGallery​. Once downloaded, residents can:

register with a unique e-mail address and password; 
select Drakenstein Municipality as their Service Provider; 
enter their municipal account number(s); 
choose a meter number; 
take a photo of the meter; 
enter the reading; and 

For more information, please contact the Municipality at 080 131 3553 toll free or customercare@drakenstein.gov.za


Issued by: Communication and Marketing, Drakenstein Municipality