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​Planning and Development

​​Executive Director (ED)

Municipal functions of Planning and Development:

The Planning Services division’s responsibilities include land use management, building control and spatial planning. This division ensures that long-term forward planning is carried out within the Drakenstein municipal area - through a strategic process indicating how the economy, built environment, natural, heritage and cultural resources, and people are spatially and sustainably organised. Furthermore, this division aims to ensure that Drakenstein remains a quality place in which to live, work and invest, as well as to visit, by strategically guiding future growth and spatial change in the best possible manner.

The Environmental Management division’s functions include natural resource management and legislative compliance to ensure that the biophysical environment is protected and maintained for equitable use by future generations. Its core function is to identify the factors that have a stake in the conflicts that may arise between meeting the needs of the current community, while protecting the ecosystem services for the benefit of future generations.

The Economic Growth and Tourism division’s responsibilities include economic development and tourism as well as rural development. This division provides an enabling and conducive environment to facilitate sustainable economic empowerment for all communities within Drakenstein - through the implementation of economic development projects, programmes and initiatives. The division further looks at opportunities to increase investment in the Drakenstein municipal area.

The Human Settlements division is responsible for helping to address the housing needs of vulnerable people within Drakenstein, through the management of rental stock, and informal and new housing projects. The division promotes an integrated and sustainable approach to the provision of housing opportunities.


Personal Assistant

Thabisa Mgedezi

Phone: 021 807 6233


Functional overview

The Planning and Development department is responsible for sustainable and pro-active planning and compliance monitoring of the natural and built environment. The Department facilitates physical, social and economic development and growth in Drakenstein.

This department consists of the following business units: 

• Division: Planning Services

                 Spatial Planning, Heritage and GIS;

                 Land Use Planning and Surveying;

                 Building Control;

                 SMME Business Support;                

• Division: Environmental Management; and

• Division: Rural Development

• Division: Human Settlements

​                  Housing

Division Planning Services

The Division Planning Services deals with spatial planning, G.I.S., heritage, building control, land use planning and surveying matters.


Division: Planning Services