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To render an effective and high quality service through a process of consultation and transparency in all facets of Traffic services, and in rendering a service to the Community of Drakenstein and its visitors by ensuring a free flow of traffic and creating a safe environment.

Functional Divisions:

    • Traffic Enforcement
    • Licensing (Drivers and Vehicles) and Roadworthiness
    • Municipal Law Enforcement
    • Security Services 

Saturday: 08:00 – 14:00

Note: Payments until 13:00

Enquiries until closing of office.

Motor Vehicle registratio​n and licensing office:

Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 16:45

Note: Payments until 15:00

Enquiries until closing of office.

All our Traffic Centres are open during lunch.

Friday: 08:00 – 15:30

Note: Payments until 14:15

Enquiries until closing of office

Contact details:

    • Head Office                                021 807 6284
    • Daljosaphat Testing Centre        021 807 6477/ 6479
    • Driver’s license                           021 807 7755
    • Roadworthiness                         021 807 7760
    • Wellington Testing Centre         021 807 6293

Electronic motor vehicle license renewal

Please follow the instructionsclick here


Accidents, Safety and the Law

    • Don't fool yourself Speed Kills
    • Arrive Alive Don't Drink and Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

What is acceptable documentation?

    • RSA identity document (Identification Act 68 of 1997)
    • Valid temporary identification document
    • Traffic Register Number Certificate
    • Valid RSA Driving license card
    • Valid RSA passport
How do I tell if my license is due for renewal?

    • The Road Traffic Management Corporation post renewal notices approximately 6 weeks before the license is due for renewal. 
    • However, it is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle, to check and ensure your that your license renewal is due as we cannot guarantee the delivery of the renewal notice.

My address has changed.  How do I notify the Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) office?

    • You need to complete a Notification of Change of Address or Particulars of Person or Organization (NCP) form.
    • Submit it with the acceptable identification of the registered owner or proxy/representative in the case of a body of persons to the MVR office.

What do I do when my financed vehicle has been paid in full?

    • Financed vehicles are registered with the financial institution as the title holder and their client as the owner.  As only the registered title holder is allowed to sell or dispose of a financed vehicle, you are therefore required to re-register yourself as the title holder and owner once your vehicle has been paid in full.
    • An original letter of settlement and the original certificate of registration of the vehicle (obtainable from your financial institution).

Change of ownership: selling a vehicle


    • Ensure that you are the registered owner when you sell your vehicle by checking on the certificate of registration.
    • The motor vehicle must be licensed at the time of sale, check the license disk.
    • Complete the Notification of Change of Ownership (NCO) form in full and submit NCO and identification of seller and buyer at the MVR office.
    • Ensure that you submit this in person as the vehicle remain your responsibility until you notify the MVR office of the sale.

What is a Request for Police Clearance (RPC) form?

    • The RPC form is printed from the Enatis system at the MVR office and is required by the Police Clearance Centre to verify the record of the vehicle.
    • To obtain the RPC form you need to give the particulars of the vehicle and acceptable identification at the MVR office. You also need to give reason why the vehicle need clearance.
    • Your vehicle may need to go for police clearance for the following reasons:
    • The engine has been replaced.

You have been referred by a vehicle testing station.

The vehicle has been reported as stolen.

The VIN/Engine number differ from what is on record.

If the vehicle is going to be exported.

I have been advised to keep my certificate of registration in a safe place. Why?

    • The certificate of registration serves as proof of ownership for your vehicle.
    • If your vehicle was financed by a financial institution, the original certificate of registration will be kept by the financial institution until the account has been settled.
    • When selling your vehicle, you must give the original certificate of registration to the buyer of the motor vehicle.

How do I apply for a duplicate certificate of registration?

Only the entity registered as the title holder of a vehicle on Enatis must apply for a duplicate certificate of registration in person.

Requirements for a natural person:


A fully completed and signed Declaration in respect of Lost Documents form (DCT) and Application for Duplicate Registration/De-registration Certificate in respect of Motor Vehicle (DRC) form.

Acceptable identification of the registered titleholder, who must apply in person.

​Requirements for a body of persons:

  • A fully completed and signed Declaration in respect of Lost Documents form (DCT) and Application for Duplicate Registration/De-registration Certificate in respect of Motor Vehicle (DRC) form.
  • Cost R165

How do I apply for a perso​nalized/discreet number plate?

  • Complete the Application iro Special License Number for Motor Vehicle (SLN1) and submit to Provincial Administration of the Western Cape.
  • Submit acceptable identification

How do I apply for a traffic register number?

  • Complete the Application and notice in respect of traffic register number (ANR) form.
  • A valid foreign passport
  • Two black-and-white ID photographs
  • Proof of address e.g. utility account.
  • A body of persons requires the following documentation:
  • Company letterhead applying for traffic register number certificate

A business register number
A fully completed and signed Application and Notice in Respect of Traffic Register Number (ANR) form.
Company/organization letterhead applying for the traffic register number and appointing a proxy and representative.
Acceptable identification of the appointed proxy and representative. Complete the Application and notice in respect of Business Registration Number (ANR) form.