Paarl Gimnasium Primary/Paarl Gimnasium Primary
Fishing in Drakenstein/Fishing in Drakenstein
Paarl Landscape at Angala/Paarl Landscape at Angala
Paarl Strooidak/Paarl Strooidak
Paarl Valley/Paarl Valley
Paarl Museum/Paarl Museum
Tea under the trees in Paarl/Tea under the trees in Paarl
Pearl Valley/Pearl Valley
Paarl Rock Granite/Paarl Rock Granite
Paarl Valley with Taalmonument/Paarl Valley with Taalmonument



Power outage planned for 18/19 February 2018 outage planned for 18/19 February 20182018/02/15 10:00:00 PMPower outage planned
Update on Drakenstein power outages - 7 Feb 2018 16:30 on Drakenstein power outages - 7 Feb 2018 16:302018/02/06 10:00:00 PMDue to unforeseen cable breakdowns caused by a severely damaged switchboard at the Parys substation, Paarl, and phase rotation tests, the estimated electricity repair time has been moved to 21:00 on Wed ...
Electricity repair work on schedule in Drakenstein 7 Feb 2018 repair work on schedule in Drakenstein 7 Feb 20182018/02/06 10:00:00 PMElectricity repair work on schedule in Drakenstein



Drakenstein has not reached Day Zero has not reached Day Zero2018/03/12 10:00:00 PMDrakenstein Municipality (Paarl, Wellington, Gouda, Saron, Hermon and Simondium) continues to work together with different spheres of government, business, civil society and non-governmental organisations to manage the devastating drought ...
Electricity restored to most affected Drakenstein areas - 8 Feb 2018 restored to most affected Drakenstein areas - 8 Feb 20182018/02/07 10:00:00 PMElectricity was restored last night (Wednesday, 7 February 2018) to areas in Drakenstein that were affected by a short circuit and subsequent fire at the Parys 66/11kV Substation, Paarl, earlier this week.
Drakenstein electricity repair work on schedule 7 Feb 2018 electricity repair work on schedule 7 Feb 20182018/02/06 10:00:00 PMMost repair work is on schedule and electricity in affected Drakenstein areas is expected to be restored by approximately 18:00 on Wednesday, 7 February 2018. This follows a short circuit and subsequent fire at the Parys electricity substation in Paarl...



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Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve/about-us/administration/community-services/parks-and-solid-waste/parks-sport-and-cemeteries/paarl-mountain-nature-reservePaarl Mountain Nature Reserve
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