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Office of the Speaker

​The Speaker of Drakenstein Municipality     
Alderman Koos le Roux

Drakenstein Municipality’s Speaker, Alderman Koos le Roux, was born in Wellington and matriculated in 1975 at Huguenot High School. After matriculating he successfully read for his BA (Law) and LLB degrees at the University of Stellenbosch.

After completing his two years of military service, Councillor Le Roux was employed as public prosecutor for the Department of Justice stationed in Lydenburg and Stellenbosch. In 1987 he completed his articles of clerkship and commenced practicing as an Attorney specializing in commercial law.

In 2006 he entered local government where he served as a councilor for the Democratic Alliance. He previously served on the Executive Mayoral Committee as Portfolio Holder for Strategic Services and in the portfolio Engineering Services.

He is an experienced councillor with an in-depth understanding of ward committee issues, policy development, principles of good governance, Council leadership responsibilities and management issues. 


Alderman Koos le Roux

In 2019 the Drakenstein Council bestowed on him the honorary title of Alderman in appreciation of loyal service. With his extensive local government experience, sound administrative qualities and dedication to duty, the municipal council elected him in November 2021 to serve a second term as Speaker of the Drakenstein Council.

The Speaker’s main goal is to establish an effective Council chaired with professional courtesy, ensure effective public participation channels with the residents through monitored ward committees and an administration which promotes the principles of transparency, accountability and sound corporate governance.

Speaker Koos le Roux is married to Philna, and they are the parents of two children and grandparents of three grandchildren. He loves people, cooking, reading and is an avid golfer.