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Drakenstein economy overview

The Drakenstein municipal economy, the largest municipality in the Western Cape outside the City of Cape Town, is estimated to have grown by 0.7% in 2018, down from 1.7% growth recorded in 2017. Stellenbosch shrunk from a 1.4% growth rate in 2017 to 0.8% in 2018, while Breede Valley declined from 3.3% in 2017 to 1.1% in 2018.

Economic Growth and Tourism (EGT) division overview

The Economic Growth and Tourism division provides an enabling and conducive economic environment to facilitate sustainable economic empowerment for all communities within Drakenstein through the implementation of economic development projects, programmes and initiatives.

The division is responsible for the implementation of the following projects, programmes and Initiatives to ensure economic growth:

• The promotion of the development of priority sectors which include Agriculture; Informal sector, Manufacturing; Technology; Transport and Logistics;

• Facilitate investment promotion in the key sectors to diversify the economy;

• Build skills for the future through responding to investor needs and matching skills with jobs;

• Facilitate meaningful job creation;

• Provide business support for thriving entrepreneurs in both the formal and informal economy; and

• Growing the Tourism sector as a priority sector in Drakenstein.

Economic Growth sub-section

Drakenstein’s vision is to establish a regionally connected city, a Drakenstein that will create an enabling environment and provide client-centred services facilitating investment, small business development, employment, and skills opportunities which will lead to an equitable and sustainable city.

The Integrated Economic Growth Strategy is one of the municipality’s strategic master plans that outlines how economic excellence, growth and development will be achieved over a twelve year period until 2032. The Economic Growth section is responsible for the following:

Investment Promotion

Investment is a lever for economic growth and therefore one of the key focus areas of this sub-division. The ease of doing business within Drakenstein is facilitated within the Economic Growth section in order to attract and retain investors and ensure that the municipality becomes an investment destination of choice.


Small businesses are the cornerstone of the economy and form the backbone of our communities. The section supports small business development through:

• Provision of business advice;

• Facilitate access to funding;

• Provide entrepreneurship capacity building opportunities;

• Facilitate access to market intelligence; and

• Process business licenses.


Informal Trading

An enabled, well-supported and dynamic informal sector plays an important role in the Drakenstein economy. The section is responsible for the procedures of issuing permits, regulating trading spaces, and the roles and responsibilities of the various role players involved in the management of informal traders in Drakenstein.


Skills Development

Skills development is a strategic enabler to facilitate sustainable and inclusive economic growth. The section supports capacity building initiatives aimed at improving entrepreneurship and business practices and also facilitates skills development initiatives mainly in the growth sectors of the Drakenstein economy.


The Tourism sub-section’s primary responsibilities are tourism planning and strategic co-ordination of specific tourism focus areas which include:

• Tourism Product Development;

• Tourism Regulation specifically Tourism signage regulation;

• Destination marketing in association with Drakenstein Local Tourism Association;

• Events Tourism;

• Tourism Infrastructure;

• Human Capital Development;

• Tourism market intelligence; and

• Tourism Safety and Support.

The section also provides technical assistance to the Drakenstein Local Tourism Association (DLTA) in respect of tourism development, standard setting, regulatory enforcement and the gathering of statistical data. The Drakenstein Local Tourism Association is a not for profit organisation that provides the municipality with destination marketing services which include visitor information services and marketing support.


Contact details

Mr Moses Mlangeni

Manager: Economic Growth

Tel:  021 807 4758


Ms Zona Ndondo

Tel: 021 807 4815


Mr Timmy Cloete

Tel: 021 807 4590


Informal Trading

Mr Ntobeko Vacu

Economic Growth Officer

Tel: 021 807 4740

Ms Zona Ndondo

Tel: 021 807 4815


Ms Chrismare Carse

Senior Tourism Officer

Tel: 021 807 7744


Visit our offices at:

Economic Development and Tourism at the 2nd Floor, 1 Market Street, Paarl.


1Waterkant15 - 16 May 23Ntobeko Vacu
2Checkers Lady Grey15 - 16 May 23Ntobeko Vacu
3Breda St15 -16 May 23Bonisile Telelo
4Paarl Mall Robots15 - 16 May 23Bonisile Telelo
5Arboretum Paarl15 - 16 May 23Bonisile Telelo
6New Street17 - 18 May 23Ntobeko Vacu
7Patriot Square17 -18 May 23Ntobeko Vacu
8Jan Van Riebeeck Road17 - 18 May 23Ntobeko Vacu
9Pick n Pay Wellington19-May-23Bonisile Telelo
10Pentz Street19-May-23Ntobeko Vacu
11Jan Van Riebeeck Wellington19-May-23Ntobeko Vacu
12Boxer Mbekweni22 - 23 May 23Ntobeko Vacu
13Midway Mbekweni22-23 May 23Ntobeko Vacu
14Main Road Wellington24 - 25 May 23Bonisile Telelo
15Klein Drakenstein Road24 - 25 May 23Ntobeko Vacu
16Gouda26-May-23Ntobeko Vacu
17Simondium26-May-23Bonisile Telelo


Any enquiries to be directed to Mr. Vacu at 021 807 4740 | Ntobeko.Vacu@drakenstein.gov.za​