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       Paarl East Street Museum

​​​​​Paarl, th​e third oldest town in South Africa forms part of the beautiful Drakenstein municipal region. This region is located in the heart of the Winelands and is one of the most scenic areas in the Western Cape. Surrounded by majestic mountains with a river traversing through the town, it offers the tourist a bit of something old and something new.
Being the third oldest town in South Africa, Paarl is rich in heritage and culture. Let us share with you the story of the unknown Sites of Significance of Paarl East, where narratives of people who were forcibly removed have not been told, where entrepreneurial pioneers paved the way for thriving small business districts servicing many a farm worker or local teacher in the area, where societies have thrived academically despite some of the societal challenges along the way and put simply where communities continue to experience a sense of place, space and purpose.

​This is Paarl East Street Museum – sharing with you, the other narrative that builds bridges and foster cohesion.​

For more information about the route, have a look at this longer video​ or shorter video,
or contact:
Chrismaré ​Carse, Senior Tourism Officer at Drakenstein Municipality at 021 807 7744 or Chrismare.Carse@drakenstein.gov.za​.​


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