​​​​Spatial Planning, Heritage and GIS


Section Spatial Planning, Heritage and GIS


The Spatial Planning, Heritage and GIS Section ensures long-term forward planning is carried out within the Drakenstein Municipal area through a strategic process indicating how the economy, built environment; natural, heritage and cultural resources, and people are spatially and sustainably organized.  Furthermore, this Section aims to ensure that the Drakenstein Municipal area remains a quality place in which to live, work and invest, as well as to visit, by strategically guiding future growth and spatial change in the best possible manner.

Contact details

Ms Jo-Ann Karriem
Senior Clerk:  Spatial Planning and Heritage
Tel:  021 807 6225
Email:  Joann.Steenkamp@drakenstein.gov.za

Mr Wayne Hendricks
Manager:  Spatial Planning and Heritage
Tel:  021 807 4835
Email:  Wayne.Hendricks@drakenstein.gov.za


Spatial Planning sub-section

This sub-section is mainly responsible for the compiling, amendment and review of the municipal Spatial Development Framework (SDF) and other spatial/precinct plans in order to give support to the spatial vision and form/structure of Drakenstein Municipality.  This sub-section furthermore ensures that the spatial priorities identified in the SDF are reflected in the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and that the SDF has the desired effect on spatial targeting, spatial alignment, spatial transformation, and priority spending in the Drakenstein Municipal area.  This sub-section is also tasked with the following:

• Developing policies and strategies guiding the long term development of the Municipality;
• Providing spatial planning comments and input on land use, development and environmental applications;
• Supporting and informing future economic growth and development priorities; and
• Mainstreaming spatial planning in all sector planning initiatives in the Municipality.


Contact details

Mr Alexander Rehder
Head Town Planner:  Spatial Planning
Tel:  021 807 4813
Email:  Alexander.Rehder@drakenstein.gov.za

Mr Bisschoff Bosman
Senior Town Planner:  Spatial Planning
Tel:  021 807 4834
Email:  BisschoffB@drakenstein.gov.za

Mr Louis Schlechter
Town Planner:  Spatial Planning
Tel:  021 807 6236
Email:  Louis.Schlechter@drakenstein.gov.za



• Notices of SDF Spatial Development Framework 2022_20220609
• Drakenstein SDF Spatial Development Framework 2022 (2022-2027)_20220608
• Drakenstein Mountain Slope Policy
• Klapmuts North LSDF
• Paarl CBD and Surrounds LSDF
• Paarl Hamlet Urban Design Framework and De Poort Business Model
• Wellington CBD Urban Design Framework


SDF Focus Area Maps

FA1_Paarl Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA2_Mbekweni Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA3_WellingtonN Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA3_WellingtonS Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA4_Drak South Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA4_Drak South_Environmental_Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA5_Simondium Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA6_BenBernhard Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA7_KlapmutsN Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA8_Windmeul Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA9_Hermon Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA10_Gouda Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA11_Saron Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf
FA12_Bainskloof Spatial Framework Plan_A2_20220608.pdf

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) sub-section

The purpose of the GIS sub-section is to provide and maintain the GIS for planning services within Drakenstein Municipality, and to actively participate in the development and maintenance of GIS services such as web-based intranet services, integrated business systems, and web-editing business support services. Furthermore, the GIS sub-section is responsible for the maintenance and updating of the intra-active map for the Drakenstein Municipality.


Contact details

Ms Janine Penfold
GIS Technician
Tel:  021 807 4845
Email:  Janine.Penfold@drakenstein.gov.za


Heritage Resources Management sub-section


The purpose of heritage resources management is for the systematic identification, conservation, protection and promotion of Drakenstein’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, for the benefit of the people and future generations.  The municipality is one of the key cultural historical hubs of the Western Cape and contains many resources which are of scientific, environmental, architectural, artistic, social, technological, intangible or historical significance. Many of these assets have a local, communal value and some have been formally protected as part of the national estate; while others are internationally recognised, such as the Cape Floral World Heritage Site, which forms the eastern border of the municipality. These heritage assets are non-renewable resources which can bring social, economic and environmental benefits through their responsible management and conservation.


Contact details

Mr. Clive Theunissen
Head Heritage Resources Specialist
Email: Clive.Theunissen@drakenstein.gov.za
021 807 4818

Mr. Zwelibanzi Shiceka
Senior Heritage Resources Officer
Email: Zwelibanzi.Shiceka@drakenstein.gov.za
021 807 4818

Ms. Zenobia Ayford
Heritage Resources Officer
Email: Zenobia.Ayford@drakenstein.gov.za
021 807 4542



• Drakenstein Heritage Guidelines
• Drakenstein Heritage Survey Reports

• Maps coming soon